10 Lakh Corona Test in one day in India, Nationwide recovery rate 74.3%

The number of Corona infections is increasing day by day dramatically. The number of corona cases worldwide has already exceeded 23.4 million. So far the virus has killed 880987 people worldwide. In India, the

corona situation is becoming more serious. Every day 60-70 thousand people in this country are being newly infected with corona virus.

However, even in this situation, India’s recovery rate is raising hopes. Every day, millions of people across the country are being tested for corona. Experts from the Ministry of Health and the Indian Council of Medical Research are pushing for more corona tests in India as well.

On Saturday, the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare said that India has reached a new milestone of testing the corona of more than one million people in one day.

According to the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, on August 22, 10 lakh 23 thousand 863 people across the country have been tested for corona. As of today, the recovery rate in Corona is currently 64.3 percent. As the recovery rate increases, so does the mortality rate in Corona.

According to the Central Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, the mortality rate of the corona virus in the country till Saturday was 1.69 percent. As a result, the whole country is slowly turning around in the fight against Corona.

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