1More Colorbuds True Wireless Earphones Price, Features & More

Available in a variety of color options to meet consumer satisfaction, 1More color buds are available in Midnight Black, Twilight Gold, Spearmint Green, and Sakura Pink. The color buds come with lightweight and handy cases which allow for easy portability. The cases are also equipped with charging abilities, thereby allowing you to charge your color buds on the go. With the portable charging, the color buds can give you up to 22 hours of playtime. You can have up to 6 hours of playtime on your color buds post a single charge.

The fast charge ability gives you a 2hour playtime post a 15-minute charge, which is perfect for those who are always on the go. The color buds come with great battery life for the price.  The ergonomic design of the color buds allows you to wear them for longer durations without experiencing any discomfort. The build is such that it is a comfortable fit for everyone, and the color buds do not jut out from your ears, making them less conspicuous.

1More Colorbuds Launched

The set up of the color buds is relatively easy, provided that you follow the instructions to the letter. The 1More Music application can be downloaded directly on your phone; this helps to make the process of controlling what plays through your color buds much easier. Out of the four commands that the color buds offer, you can only program it to allow you to execute two on your phone. The weather resistance capability makes these color buds durable and long-lasting.

The IPX5 helps to provide resistance to water and sweat, thereby ensuring that you can use them while working out, or in rainy weather without any worries about damaging them. The headphones can connect with any IOS or Android device. The wide range of its compatibility makes this a good choice. The color buds are equipped with a Playback feature, which allows for automatic Pause and Plays commands on your color buds. The color buds pause the music when you take them off, and put them in the case.

1More Colorbuds Specifications

They also continue where you left off once you put your color buds in your ears. You are freed from the hassle of remembering where you left off or switching off your color buds to preserve battery. These settings can be customized to your liking in the 1More Music application. The audio quality will meet any expectations you have of the 1More brand, as they are equipped with good drivers to improve the quality of sound heard significantly. The drivers are the part of the technology which translates the electric signals into sounds that can be heard by you.

The driver is responsible for driving the sound down your auditory canal. The two ENC mics allow for suppression of background noise so that you can have clear audio calls, and good listening experience. The balanced armature helps to redefine sound quality to that never head before, as the sound is produced by the movement of the armature. The reed in the armature vibrates and transfers this vibration to another device called a diaphragm, which prevents other unwanted audio brand vibrations, leading to excellent audio clarity.

1More Colorbuds Battery

To summarise, the many colors, the lightweight of the color buds, Bluetooth connectivity as well as the extremely good audio quality due to the up and coming technology used, all for the reasonable price of Rs 7,999/-, make this a good bargain for you. However, it must be noted that this is not comparable by any standard to the more expensive alternatives that Bose and Sony come out with. The 1More color buds are a good option if you are planning on going for an economical purchase.

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