22 yards ‘Symbolic Revolution’ of the England! Morgan is Changing Tactics on the Field After Receiving Signals From Dressing Room

In the third T20 match between South Africa and England in Cape Town, a few letters and numbers were hung on the board outside the England dressing room. What are these? The code word was used to send a special message from the England dressing room to England captain Eoin Morgan.

Symbolic Revolution

Morgan made his own tactics on the field after receiving that message! The symbolic word that has been used in the world of spies for so long has reached 22 yards. This is a symbolic revolution on the cricket field.

This message was not only exchanged in the third T20 match between South Africa and England in Cape Town. It is learned that this symbolic message has been exchanged since the first T20 match of the series. Only in the third match did it come out publicly.

There is no doubt about innovation. But is it in keeping with the spirit of cricket? England captain Morgan claims: “The spirit of cricket is being adhered to. 100 percent. There is nothing immoral in it. Analysts are telling us the information they are getting.” Sources said that England has started exchanging this fancy message with the permission of the match referee.

The late South African coach Bob Ulmer once revolutionized the field of cricket. He put earphones on the captain’s ears to exchange messages with Hansie Cronje. This time the cricket revolution is in the hands of the British on the soil of South Africa. Rather it is a good symbolic revolution.

Danny Rubel, England’s media manager, said Nathan Limon, an analyst associated with the England cricket team. Who is also a mathematician. This method has been used in county cricket in England before.

The thing is a lot like this, the batsman who is playing his game is quickly cut in the dressing room. Then the coach and the analyst think that bringing in a particular bowler for that batsman might work. The name of the batsman is represented by the letters and the name of the bowler by the numbers.

 Like 4E and this symbolic message went to the captain on the field. But the opponent did not understand.

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