6 Major Update on WhatsApp Voice messages, You Should Must know

    Whatsapp is very popular personal message apps own by Meta. Whatsapp includes many updated features like media, voice call, video call, emoji and voice message. Now watsapp taking action on its voice message features. Whatsapp upgrade its voice message feature includes six major changes.

    6 Major Update on WhatsApp Voice messages, You Should Must know

    Whatsapp includes this features from 2013 for enhance the engagement with users. It also helps batter communication and reduces pressure of type message. Whatsapp has shared an investigation stat say that more than 7 billion voice messages are transfer during whatsapp conversation every year. According to Whatsapp official “all of which are protected by end to end encryption to keep them private and securer them all the time”

    Whats are The New Voice Features include By Whatsapp

    CV is hare for discuss Whatsapp includes 6 new voice features which are given bellow.

    1. Pause and Resume Voice Recording: previously you can’t pause voice message, either you cancel or send voice message but now it is possible to pause recorded voice message and resume it.
    2. Out of chat playback: now if you listen the voice message on chat you must stay active on this chat but the new updated feature let help you to listen message out of the chat box or not required to open Whatsapp.
    3. Waveform Virtualization: Waveform Virtualization will help the frequent of voice which will help better voice reading experience.
    4. First playback on forwarded message: you can play any receiving voice message with different time speed like 1.5x or 2x times.
    5. Voice message draft preview: now with updated feature you can abele to listen your own voice messages before send it. Once you confirm then send voice message.
    6. Remember Playback: Pick from where you left! Simply means, if you paused the voice message while listening, then when you return to the chat, you can pick up where you left off last time.

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