88th Air Force Day Celebrations: President Kovind & PM Modi Congratulate Brave Warriors of IAF

    Today is Thursday, the 88th founding day of the Indian Air Force. On this occasion, a colorful fly-past has been organized at Hindon Air Force Station near Ghaziabad.

    88th IAF day

    In the midst of the border clash with China, the strength of the Indian Air Force will be displayed there today. The Indian Air Force was established in 1932.

    LCA Tejas, Jaguar, MiG-29, MIG-21 Bison, and Sukhoi-30 MKI fighter jets will participate in today’s fly-past. In addition to this, various old retired warplanes to modern military cargo planes and first class warplanes can take part in today’s event.

    However, the best attraction of the day is going to be India’s latest and most recently incorporated Rafale fighter jet.

    IAF Day

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi congratulated the forces on the occasion of the founding day of Indian Air Force.

    “You’re not only protecting the country’s skies, you’re also playing an important role in humanitarian assistance in times of disaster,” he said. Your courage, heroism and self-sacrifice inspire everyone.

    The Indian Air Force has shown its strength through multiple tweets. Let’s take a look at some of India’s foremost stockpiles of warplanes and military helicopters.

    Rafale is a 4.5 generation twin-engine warplane. It is capable of playing a variety of roles. From air supremacy to aerial reconnaissance, ground support, in-depth strikes, ship-destroying roles can play a role.


    Rafale capable of carrying nuclear weapons. Equipped with the world’s most advanced missiles and missiles of all kinds.

    Sukhoi-30 MKI “Flanker”: This is a twin-engine warplane. Its specialty is multirole air superiority fighter. In any weather, in any environment it is infallible. Its combat radius is much wider.

    sukhoi 30

    C-17 “Globe master”: This is a huge winged four-engine T-tailed military cargo aircraft. This huge aircraft is capable of carrying any large military cargo and force – both from one place to another. Day or night– this aircraft is equally dependent at any time.

    C-17 Globe master


    Mi-35: This is a twin-engine turbo shaft assault anti-armor helicopter. This helicopter is capable of flying with 8 commandos or strike teams at a time. It has a 12.7 mm rotary gun and is capable of carrying weapons up to 1500 kg. The most notable of these is the Scorpion tank-destroying missile.


    C-130J “Super Hercules”: This is a four-engine turboprop military cargo aircraft. This aircraft is used for everything from special operations to high-altitude and air maintenance.

    LCA “Tejas”: Tejas is a fourth generation high-speed multirole supersonic light combat aircraft with one-engine built in the country.

    MiG-21 Bison: This is a supersonic air combat interceptor fighter. This aircraft is eye-catching for dealing with agility and speed.

    MiG-21 Bison

    AH-64E Apache: This is a twin turbo shaft attack helicopter. Its cockpit can seat two pilots back and forth. This helicopter is suitable for any military operation.

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