A Special Plane Air India One is Coming to India For PM Modi Next Week

Two customized wide-bodied Boeing 777-3000 ERs aircraft is coming For India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi which is similar to US President’s Special Aircraft Air Force One. The Prime Minister and the President will use the aircraft. Named Air India One.

Boeing is sending two 777-3000 aircraft as per the demand of India. If everything goes right then a plane will land in India next week. The second one will come at the end of the year.


The aircraft will have its own missile defense system. There are called Large Aircraft Infrared Counter Measures. It also has a communication system through satellite.

Once it is refueled, it can fly continuously in the air for 16 hours. The plane that the prime minister is currently using cannot fly for even 10 hours without refueling.

Inside the aircraft, it has a large conference hall, multiple cabins, two medical centers, surgical facilities. It also has audio-video communication system that cannot be hacked.

It has a system that can jam enemy’s radar. It has the technology to avoid heat sensing and other missiles, and all this system can be done automatically.

The cost of buying two aircraft is 8000 crore. A team of Indian Air Force and Air India pilots has already flown to the United States to train the aircraft and its other systems.

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