All Time Lowest GST Collection in Kolkata Region Due to Covid 19 Pandemic

    APS Suri (the Principal Chief Commissioner of CGST-Kolkata zone) is declared that it has been at time lowest GST collection in the month of April and May in 2020 due to corona virus pandemic lock down in India.

    This covid19 pandemic not only effect on our health but also huge impact on economy of every country. The GST (Goods And Services Tax) is one of the major source of income for every state in India. Due to lock down of large period of time there is directly impact on sealing of product and goods.

    The tax Named GST consist of three types of taxes like Central Goods And Services Tax (CGST), State Goods And Services Tax (SGST) or Integrated Goods And Services Tax (IGST).

    Kolkata region GST office consists of West Bengal, Andaman & Nicobar Island and Sikkim.  The Principal Chief Commissioner, APS Suri also said “There is a slump in collection of GST in this zone. The tax figure consists of CGST, SGST, IGST and cess.

    Every type economic source are largely decline in this periods said by official. The month of April and May the total collection GST are 345 Crore and 745 Crore approx which much less than the last financial years of 2019 al same period. The official said that in the last year the total GST collect in April was 1888 Crore and in the month of May was 1618 Crore approx. the data clearly indicate the state Government will be suffer large financial gap in the present financial year.

    However it is now thought that the GST collection will return to its previous state very soon. And as expected, the positivity of GST collection is going to be notice from June month. This is a very good aspect for every state in India.

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