Among Us Crosses 2 Million Daily Players After Epic Games Giveaway

    Online gaming has become a trending platform day by day. The craze of Online multiplayer games is on the top. The hype of online gaming has increased multiple times in just four to five years. There are a lot of reasons behind the rapid surge of online gaming. The primary reasons are high-speed internet with stable connectivity and the availability of powerful smartphones at unbelievably low prices. These all contribute to the dramatic increment in online gaming. Now, most people can afford a smartphone with powerful specifications because smartphone manufacturing brands are providing smartphones at a very economical price. From kids to adults everyone is now indulging in online gaming. There are multiple online games available on the internet. Some of these have gained popularity in a very short time.

    Online multiplayer games are pretty much apart from the conventional games available on the internet. In the online multiplayer game, each player is selected randomly to play in a particular match. Online multiplayer games can be of many kinds. It can be shooting, racing, arcade, or even role-playing. Some of the prominent online multiplayer games are PUBG, free fire, Fortnite, Among us, and COD mobile. Among all the above-mentioned online multiplayer games, one game has reached a lot of milestones in a very short time. The game is called “Among us”. Since its launch, the game is gathering a lot of attention from gamers from around the world. It is a pretty weird-looking game but the gameplay and mode of gaming are really interesting and worth playing. Among us is developed by Innersloth, it is a game studio which is based in the United States of America.

    Among Us Epic Games Giveaway

    Among us made entry into the smartphone app store in the year 2018 and in the same year it was made available for pc users. The game “Among us” has been in the limelight for some time. When the whole population of the world is in a stagnant position and restricted to be at home. People are now finding a mode of entertainment while being in the confinity of four walls. The online multiplayer game is becoming the prior mode of entertainment to rejoice the mood as well as to pass the time. A lot of people have downloaded this game in this lockdown year. Most of the players of “Among us” are smartphone users, but there is a section of the population who prefer to play this game on PC/laptop. The game “among us” works perfectly well on both the platform. It is the choice of the users to play on whichever platform he/she wants to.

    The easy gameplay of “Among us” make it easy to play on either of the platforms. Last year millions of gamers and users have shown interest in “Among us” and downloaded it to pass the time while being inside the home. Users of “Among us” jumps up drastically in the previous year. The reason behind the surge in the number of users is the introduction of new features and an updated map of the gameplay. Developers have launched a new and updated map of the game “Among us” to lure new users towards the Game. Now the game “Among us” is witnessing more than two million active users on PC every day. The milestone reached by “Among us” is worth appreciating and endeavoring. It is a big thing for a game that doesn’t have high graphics or not even action-packed like PUBG and free fire.

    Among Us Game vs Others

    Even though, users are showing keen interest in the game only because of its intrusting gameplay and simple user interface. The developers of the game “Among us” are providing a free download option to enjoy the game without any downloading charges. Users can download the game from the official site of “Epic games”. There are a lot of offers available for this game, users can get freebies and in-game free goodies under the “mega sale” at a very minimal price. The above information about the freebies and mega sales has been updated by the developers and head of the game on the official Twitter handle of “Among us”. Before the introduction of the “mega sale’ offer among us, the game was witnessing 350000 active users daily. But just after the revelation of the mega sale offer more than two million active users are being reported on Among us servers every day.

    On May, 27 more than two million active gamers were reported on the server among us which eventually leads to the slowdown of the game server owing to huge traffic. It is the highest number of players ever reported on the server of the game “Among us” since its launch. The developers and makers of the game were awestruck after witnessing such Hugh traffic on the game server. In the year 2020, “Among us” becomes the most downloaded game on smartphones (android smartphones and IOS phones combined). Till November 2020, the game “Among us” has been downloaded by more than half a billion people from all around the world. this achievement in such a short time is truly remarkable. The developers of the game are working on providing this game on different devices. In the current year, the game was launched for “Nintendo Switch”.

    Among Us Daily Active Users

    Now the developers are stern to bring the game “Among us” on PlayStation and Xbox too. Maybe not this year but most probably next year it will be available on multiple platforms. Among them is an online multiplayer survival game. That means the player will have to survive till the end of the event to win it. It is a game of deduction in which players will have to deduce the imposter among them. There is one imposter among all the players. He has to kill all the players before getting noticed and the rest of the players will have to find the imposter to complete the game. Whoever finishes the game first (either imposter or the rest of the players),/wins the game eventually. The game is surprisingly dependent upon teamwork. We can say this game will help you in understanding the nature of someone. The game propels the gamer to find out the truth, who can be trusted among us and who can’t be.

    This game can help in the proper development of the thought process of a kid. It can help them in the better deduction. In the time, when we are bound to stay at home and kids are also restricted to stay at home. They can improve their social skills and deduction ability of their mind by playing “Among us”.  The game among us has reached many milestones in a very short time because it is liked by all age groups. From children to old age people, everyone is showing interest in the deduction-making game. There is a prior reason behind the success of any online game in a very short time. The main reason is the developers of the game.

    These people work day and night to make the game perfect and try to find any bugs and errors. A team of developers leads a particular game towards the way of success. Among us have been played and accepted by so many people because it is interesting. The game has a new methodology of gameplay. Its deduction-based game mode makes it one of the most unique online multiplayer games available on the internet. Let’s see, how this game will set further milestones in the future and what changes and features we will get to see in this Multiplayer online game. For now, this is all the information we have regarding the online multiplayer game “Among us”, for getting more information and updates regarding the game please stay tuned with us.

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