Android Auto App To Be Replaced With Google Driving Assistant

    We have all seen Google take some bold decisions in the market without having to worry about anything because they are almost at the top of silicon valley. It may be surprising for you to hear that Android is not Google and Google is not Android. Android is just a basic operating system just like iOS, but it is specifically designed for Apple products while Android was created by Google but is handled by almost every smartphone company because of its versatility. Even if that’s the case we all know how much Google dominates the Android industry and even if there are phones from Chinese developers this still has to comply with Google so that Android can run on their devices. This seemingly aggressive nature of Google decides the fate of Android and its applications which were designed keeping the basic operating system in mind.

    This is because of the fact that many different apps which were specifically designed for the Android operating system have been replaced by those that are designed by Google and somehow they have been incorporated with Androids. We have rarely seen a phone in this decade without Google’s authorization and which does not contain any Google app as firmware. This itself concludes how much Google controls Android.  This is because of the fact that Google owns Android to the basic level that it was actually created for Google but then it was released because of the fact that it should be available to everyone and it should be the most versatile operating system ever to be created. Now when it comes to different apps that we enjoy on our smartphones, which were a basic necessity developed by Android developers themselves, without any interruptions.

    Google Driving Assistant Android Auto App

    Google has once again changed a simple app into its Google alternative. The news came as a shock to those who drive cars with the help of Android Auto. If you consider Google to be the birthplace of Android then it would be very easy to assimilate the situation, this is because of the fact that Google has just announced that it does not want its users to use the Android auto for or their driving experiences but they want users to use Google Assistant or Google driving assistant itself. This is major news because of the fact that Google is promoting its assistant and showing the world how it can develop in A. I. There are a number of things that we would cover up in this article and one of them would be how Google would modify its driving features so that it can triumph in the mapping and driving assistant app business.

    We would also cover up changes that are made within pre-existing Google apps and the fact that everything related to driving has to be incorporated into a single app and be released on a particular date with respect to a particular version of Android. Everything has been completely set up for this transition and they have announced this way earlier than they are releasing this. The story starts when the American giant Google decided that it would now stop the age-old services from the Android Auto app and then incorporate everything related to that app into one single app which is owned 100% by Google and has the brand’s tag. They have also released a different version of Android auto where you don’t have to worry about having another app on your phone because it would be available with your assistant and you can even see the changes in your Google maps. 

    Android Auto Google Driving Assistant

    They have also started a particular release date for this transition and the release date is said to occur when Android 12 will be launched. The launching of Android 12 gives us a good hint about the fact that this update would start from Android 12 and once Android 12 is released every phone which has Android of up to version 8 or above would have this feature inside their phones or maybe it would be exclusively for Android 12 users only. Anyways, the thing is, that it is being released simultaneously with the launch of Android 12. According to a few sources that question Google based on their claims and the decision that they have taken, we found out that they were desperate to change the Android auto app with respect to Google driving assistant.

    They always encouraged people to use Google driving assistant because it is readily available on your phone and it’s seamlessly integrated with your Google maps so that it would provide you with a much better experience rather than using the old Android auto app. Google also wants you to use this feature inside your car which many cars have by default. When it comes to Google they do not leave any stone unturned and they always are very pompous when it comes to unveiling products and that is exactly why they even gave a statement to one of our sources stating that they are very much obliged with this and they want every user to transition from using Android auto app to the Google driving assistant.

    Driving Mode Android Auto

    They even assured us that there would be no compromise in the quality and that everything present on Android auto would be present on the Android 12 version of Google driving assistant. They have clearly stated that it won’t be a problem here and that the transition would be completely seamless so that nobody has to worry about anything when it comes to driving apps. They also confirmed our doubts in their statement regarding the unveiling of this transition by saying that they would reveal the next Android 12 version and with that reveal there would be a transition for Android auto users to Google driving assistant. This means that the transition would be a huge success already because the advertising that would go in the Android 12 launch would also be present with the transition.

    One major feature that nobody realizes concerning driving apps is the fact that they are incorporated with maps and are not restricted to car screens. This is because of the fact that many people feel obligated to use their car screens when it comes to driving. But this is not something to be obligated with because of the fact that you can literally use your driving features from your app onto your phone with the help of different apps. With everything that is mentioned above in your mind let me tell you that Google has also revealed that the new Google driving assistant can also be monitored, checked, and used with the help of your phone. Now there is a suspicious side to this message because of the fact that they also added that they won’t tell that I’ve further into this question and they won’t be able to express all the details regarding the app.

    Android Auto App Replaced With Google Driving Assistant

    They have stated clearly that they would not reveal everything about this app and that it is a mystery for the users to solve everything on their own. Any details regarding the app like the storage it would consume and the amount of data it would suck up wasn’t mentioned in the statement given by Google. Now you might think that Google always announces something like this and then it disappears because of the fact that people did not like they have much and they revolted against the same and gave negative reviews to the beta program of this app which leads to its demise. Now, this is not the same for this app because a local news agency has confirmed that some users have already got the pop-up stating that Android auto would not be available on your phones anymore.  

    There are a lot of things that can be said about the functions which are performed by Google driving assistant and therefore it cannot be neglected as a useless app. The best feature that I found in Android auto-driving apps is that it allows me to make sure that I can do anything from my phone without even touching the same. This was one of the coolest features when it comes to the Android auto app but responding to voice commands is the basic function of the Google assistant and that is why even if it is replaced it would be replaced by a better version. Now when you are on your wheels and you are driving on a long road with nothing on either side and you just have to stay up all the time while driving then some light music would be the perfect choice for you to keep you awake.

    Android Auto App To Be Replaced With Google Driving Assistant

    But in a situation like this, you cannot use your phone or your car’s screen because it might be dangerous considering that you would take your hand off the steering wheel. This is where voice commands come in and you can do whatever that you want to do on your phone with the help of Google driving assistant. The best thing that I loved with this is the fact that I could switch music with the help of simple voice commands and answer calls and text messages while listening to notifications, all with the help of Google driving assistant.

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