Anupam Kher’s jokes By Sharing Pictures of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos

Handsome. Beutifull look. But bald head. Cine lovers have seen Anupam Kher in such a way. This time the famous actor made fun of his baldness. Anupam Kher said that even if one spends crores of rupees for hair growth, there is no result.

anupam kher & jeff bezos

Anupam Kher posted a picture of Amazon founder and chief executive officer (CEO) Jeff Bezos on social media on Sunday. In that picture, written in big letters, ‘Even the richest person in the world has bald head.

This proves that there is no treatment for baldness. He also wrote, “So don’t waste your money to grow hair.” Anupam Kher wrote in the caption, “For all the ganja of the world.” People are commenting a lot on this post of Anupam Kher Video and giving their feedback.

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