Apex Legends Emergence Trailer Launched: Everything We Know

If you don’t know what Apex Legends game is, you don’t have any right to call yourself a true gamer. It is one of those games that went from the ground to a sky breaking limit of fanaticism for the game. The game is well versed and is said to be one of the coolest games ever to be created, and it has so many people from all around the world that spend billions collectively on the game making it one of the highest valued games till today. Apex Legends is always and will be the best role-playing game ever. Although the game was released back in 2019 where it was advertised to be a role-playing game, it had so many features that gamers went haywire. Even before the game was launched, it had about 20 thousand beta testers and about 100 thousand fans all over the world waiting for the game.

The game was released on the popular gaming platform called PlayStation 4 and it was also released for PC gamers with Microsoft Windows and those that have an Xbox. Since the game had so many different releases, it is said to reach about 10 thousand in sales in just one day. The game was released by a company called Respawn Development. If you don’t know what Respawn Development is, you should definitely Google it out. It is one of the amazing gaming companies that was ranked among the top 20 in the 2020 game match which was released from official websites. I personally love the company because they were the ones that created the Star Wars game that broke the internet. Also, you don’t know COD? How is that even possible for a gamer to not know COD? Like Apex Legends is okay because it was just released two years ago but Call Of Duty?

Apex Legends Emergence Trailer

COD was developed by the same company and it’s the only reason as to why this company has become so popular in the market. Also, teamed up with Electronic Arts, which is again one of the highest-paid designing companies that have designed over a hundred different games. I don’t think I need to focus on who and what Electronic Arts is because if you don’t know this, then I highly recommend you to check out articles regarding developers and game designers so that you know your content better. EA sports. It’s in the game. That EA is what Electronic Arts is. Coming back to Apex Legends, the game is built by legends themselves and was launched with so many different marketing strategies that whether or not you are a gamer you must have heard about the game.

If not, you must have seen an ad of a game character sipping coconut water on Instagram talking about how so many people love the game and want you to join the army. That’s exactly what the ad for Apex Legends was. It got stuck and many people downloaded it just because of the marketing strategy! We will discuss the game in great detail and what are the new things that would be seen in the game but let’s discuss the features and what the emergence trailer is and what does it convey in detail. I think I forgot to mention above that it is now available for Nintendo Switch players as well and this is news because the developers have just recently decided that it would also allow the Nintendo players to chip in on the team. We hope that soon, a smartphone version should also be launched so that we don’t have to worry about playing it from anywhere. 

Actually, the same has been announced by the company that it would be released by 2022 but the sooner the better. Although gamers have quite a lot of patience, the wait for the actual game is something that is gnawing at their bones. For people who are new to the game and are just being attracted to the same, let us have a brief intro about what the game actually is. If you know what PUBG is, then it would be quite easier to explain the same. However, it is and is not like PUBG. See, basically, you are somewhat a legend yourself. So, you choose a character that suits your needs and requirements and how you play the game. Then you find a three-man squad or a two-man squad which have three different characters. Each character has three different avatars and has its own distinctive abilities.

Like you can either fly or jump or like have super strength or things like that. Then, you are dropped on an island with 20 different teams just like you. This is where it is like PUBG. So, now fight and survive. It is Darwin’s game where you would be pitted on the basis of your survival skills. You are left to wander in the area with enemies on your heels and in front of you, where you would have to hunt for basic supplies, weapons and much more. This hunt would also determine how you would interact with the enemy. And it’s not like that you cannot hunt for supplies while eliminating your enemies so it’s like a combat game with Darwin type methods but it goes better when we consider personal characteristics.

Apex Legends Emergence Characters

Also, the game also has a PvP mode where you would be pitted against a certain team and you would be allowed to kill them as many times as possible within a required time and the number of kills or the number of points would decide the winner of the game. Consider that you are from the blue team and you have to take down the red team in front of you. This is exactly why I said that it is related to PUBG and it imitates it in the form of the concept behind the game. But the strength of the character gives a unique pleasure to the game. The EA Sports Live Fest of 2021 which happened this Thursday, marked the beginning of the anticipation that gamers would now feel for weeks. The Apex Legends: Emergence trailer was launched and it has completely changed the game.

The 10th season is now being launched and it would be a blockbuster that would shake the entire gaming industry. With abilities that have been rumoured to be triple S ranked and map changes, here’s everything from the 3-minute trailer that encompassed the expectation of every Apex Legends gamer there is in the world. Amadi who was the Prowler in Spiderman: Miles Morales has voiced the voice of Seer who is one of the most beloved characters in the game starts by talking about change. It’s a symphony to just hear his heavy voice citing change which is needed in this world. The trailer starts with the character himself who has his past story hidden from the gamers until now. We all know the past of many appreciated characters who add on to create beautiful gameplay but this was something quite unexpected from the developers of Apex Legends. 

Apex Legends Emergence Gameplay

The trailer starts with Seer running from a storm. A storm that is gulping down everything from its path and breaking everything. He effortlessly climbs steep mountains and runs in the middle away from the avalanche. He kills Fuse with ease and his head is taken off by the bloodhound without any trouble. The game lags and two other characters Wattson and Caustic, both who are well experienced with the fighting abilities of the Seer and well versed with killing are seen being cornered by the Seer. He then fights them off while they try their best to kill him off. But thanks to the almighty power of the Seer, he finishes them off with the Valkyrie-Seer combo which is one of those things that is considered to be the god moment in the game. The wombo combo comes and slashes everyone in its path and lays waste to everyone.

Now you might know who Horizon is. Best known for his sniping abilities, he is included in the trailer too for the same thing. He tries to snipe down Seer for the best but sweet heavens are saved by Octane. Now I hope you will be okay because what I am going to tell you next, you won’t believe any of it. Octane isn’t that powerful and some might argue with me but the fact is that it isn’t that much of a big deal. Octavio Silva doesn’t have that much to be called a hero but the trailer has made him one. In fact, you might know that his ultimate ability is just using a launchpad. Although I have casually mentioned it as just a launchpad there are people who play a wonderful junkie and they can even take out entire squads with this character. It is nothing compared to the heartbeat sensor that the Seer has but it is still quite great. The thing is, he would be the only one to dodge a fatal fate. The trailer ends with Seer in a gunfight and the reveal date – 26 July flashes on the screen.

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