App Store : Apple Inc. Is Seeking Damages From Epic Games Over Fortnite Dispute

    On Tuesday, Apple Inc lodged counter-related allegations against “Fortnite” developer Epic Games for losing App Store charges and other harms to prevent the game manufacturer from using its own in-app payment system. Since August, when the developer of the game launched its own in-app payment system to bypass what Apple termed the monopoly procedures, Apple and Epic have been in a legal fight. The Apple App Store requires developers to use the payment method of Apple and pay a commission of 30%.

    Apple has prevented the Epic from transferring updates or new apps from Apple’s App Store, and Epic has sued Apple, claiming that its practices have violated antitrust laws.   The law allowed Apple to block the distribution by Epic of new titles, however, the Epic’s payment gateway and the current version of “Fortnite,” is still working for the users. Apple said that if Epic agrees to remove the direct payment function to abide by its game publisher contract, it would allow “Fortnite” back to the store. But Epic has declined to discuss that as according to Epic, this Apple’s request “will allow it to maintain its monopoly on in-app iOS payments.”

    apple vs epic games

    Apple’s Tuesday file demands that the Epic payments system needs to pay them for financial damages, seeking “restoration and disgregation of any income, profit, compensation, benefits and other ill-gotten gains Epic has generated as a result of its actions.” Apple is now heading a step further, requesting that Epic be held responsible for terms of the agreement and other charges, and seeking restitution of any money Fortnite collected from the in-game payment system till now.

    Apple didn’t specify how much money they are expecting to get against the transaction function of Epic Games in the Fortnite game. The company also asked annoyed “Fortnite” gamers to endanger its credibility and the Epic publicity campaign to Apple that had a parody of Apple’s 1984 TV commercial and a free to play, “Tart Tycoon” character, with a little similarity to Tim Cook, CEO of Apple.

    Apple also wanted court orders forcing Epic to disable its own payment system in “Fortnite” on Apple devices. Epic Games stated that Apple suppressed the market economy and requested a permanent injunction to reimpose Fortnite’s developer account in the App Stores. A hearing in late September is currently planned, even with a change in dates.

    Because of the legal sections, Fortnite iPhone enthusiasts or other Apple products have no access to the latest game new features, including the newest season released in late August. Apple users can not install apps from anywhere but only from its own App Store. The controversy is with Apple and other technology giants, faced with high scrutiny of dominance in diverse economic fields, which allow the negative effect of the coronavirus pandemic to boost even as much of financial agreements. Apple has challenged the characterization of Epic’s behavior as “retaliation” in the latest filing, which only complies with the rules agreed by both businesses.

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