Apple Introduce Emoji Search Keyboard on iOS 14

    It has been long wait! Finally Apple lunching a new additional feature of Emoji searches Keyboard on iOS 14 in this year of July. However this Emoji search feature is not totally new for Apple Inc. This feature is already available in Mac OS.

    Emoji Search Keyboard
                                                                                        Emoji Search Keyboard

     This feature is very interesting and attractive for users. This feature will make you perfect and enhance your Emoji searing speed.

    Apple tried to lunch this feature in previous version of iOS 10 to 13 but those full of error with many technical issues.

    Apple said, “To searches any Emoji type ‘Smile’ or ‘Angry’ or ‘Funny’ or ‘Flag’ in the search box the corresponding Emoji will appear bottom of your mobile screen”.

    Here Apple using an A.I which bring out data store behind your input.

    However this Emoji Searches Keyboard feature is much older in Android devices. Many iOS users want to know that when this feature will be lunched on their device. That is why iPhone uses are long waiting for this feature.

    Apple said, “this feature will be work in every massaging platform of your iphone”.

    More than hounds of Emoji’s are available in our phone. So it’s very difficult to find the perfect one in the prefect time. so this feature will help most who prefers message rather than phone calls.

    Apple announce that the iOS 14 will be release in this July. The iOS 14 beta is available Now.

    Along with Emoji Search Keyboard option Apple also introduce some other new features like video’s picture in picture mode, new App Library, widgets feature, also manually change default browser of your phone and email clients also in new iOS 14 version.

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