Apple Announces iOS 15: Here Is The Full List of New Features

Every day we are introduced to new advancements in the technology around us. The world is changing around us at a very fast speed. We will have to imply with the changes in the technology otherwise we will be left behind as an old-world civilization. Adaption is the vital mode of accommodation by which humans can evolve with development and change in technology.  Tech enthusiasts, scientists, conglomerates have contributed a lot to the evolution of society and humans. The ideas of these People have framed a sustainable and reliable society for the future. Apple is one such company which has the vision to implement futuristic technology in the hand of every human. Initially, the company started as Personal computer manufacturing by Steve jobs and his friends in a garage.

Now, this is the biggest tech company in the world whose primary business is to manufacture unique smartphones. Apple smartphones, better known as iPhone are the most applauded and innovative device. The innovation and technology in the Apple iPhone are incomparable. No other smartphone brand can compete with Apple in terms of technology and advancement in the Apple iPhone. Apple OS is also the most reckoned operating system, because of its privacy and end-to-end encryption feature. Apple iOS 15 was in the talk for more than six months. Apple has released various statements regarding the launch of iOS 15 in these few months. Now the tech giant has finally announced the details of iOS 15. The new update will be a breakthrough in iPhone operating system since the release of Apple iOS 14.

Apple iOS 15 Release Date

Apple will bring major changes and a lot of different features in the new iOS 15. The users will have a distinct experience with iOS 15. The main focus of the developers of the new iOS 15 is the privacy and security of the users. Apple has primarily concentrated on the privacy segment in the new iOS 15. Users will have a sense of trust and security after getting the new iOS 15 on their iPhones. From the sources, it has been observed that the new iOS 15 will take some time to reach iPhone users. For the time being, the beta option of Apple iOS 15 will be available for the users and there are chances that Apple will release iOS 15 beta with a month. Conventional iPhone users will have to keep patience for a while. So, let us talk about the updates and changes in the latest iOS 15. Apple is bringing a big change in its Facetime app. Facetime is apple’s own video communication app by which a can connect with another iPhone user through video call.

In the latest iOS 15, now Apple iPhone users will be able to establish communication with others even with Android OS-oriented devices or windows web browsers. This new update will help in bridging the gap between android users and apple iPhone users. The two different devices can be connected for communication through facetime. Another feature that will be present in the latest iOS 15 is ‘Share Play’. With the help of ‘SharePlay’, users can play their favorite track through several different devices. “SharePlay” will have extensive usage for music lovers and creators. The new feature in the latest iOS 15 will render its support to different Apple devices like iPad and Mac and even Apple TV. The new feature will help iPhone users to establish connections remotely to play media files in different apple products.

Apple iOS 15 Features List

The new feature seems to be quite promising and it will work as a boon for music enthusiasts. Another feature of the latest iOS 15 which is making a buzz around is “Focus”. A resembling feature of “Focus” is already present in the latest Android 11 with the same name. iPhone users can stay focused on their work and unnecessary notification and calls won’t hamper their concentration. This feature will allow the users to modify the notification as per the convenience and information about the notification can be accessed with just one click. This new feature will curb down the response of users towards unnecessary notifications. Users can divulge in their works and keep themselves distracted from their iPhone with the help of “Focus”. The notification panel in the latest iOS 15 has got a new makeover.

The newly redesigned look of the notification is eye-catching and easy to access. With the redesigned notification, users will have the option to add pictures of their family and friend in the contact. In the latest iOS 15, the size of the icons has also increased, users will not face any trouble while identifying any app with the help of larger icon size. A new panel has been added in the notification area on the home screen of the iOS 15, this will help the users to avoid distraction from unnecessary notifications. The new notification panel will collect all the information throughout the day and it will show the important notification according to the preference of the users. Users can set the importance of notification according to their preference of time. There is another feature in iOS which is referred to as “Live Test”.

Apple iOS 15 Features

This new feature work on artificial intelligence, it will try to comprehend the pictures and photos in a text and ask the user to proceed further according to that. It is an advanced version of the text recognition feature. Maps will be present in a completely revamped version in iOS 15. A prior focus has been given to the details of the area and surrounding. Users will notice significant changes in the Map application of iOS 15. The user interface of the Map got a completely new makeover and users will observe a detailed precision in buildings, monuments, districts, landmarks, cities, etc. A new mode has been added to the map which is referred to as night-time mode. The night-time mode is quite different from Android’s night mode. iPhone users will get a kind of moonlit glow while switching to night-time mode.  The brand-new iOS will be compatible with the following devices:-

  • iPhone 12
  • iPhone 12 Mini
  • iPhone 12 Pro
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max
  • iPhone 11
  • iPhone 11 Pro
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max
  • iPhone XS
  • iPhone XS Max
  • iPhone XR
  • iPhone X
  • iPhone 8i
  • iPhone 8 Plus
  • iPhone 7
  • iPhone 7 Plus
  • iPhone 6S
  • iPhone 6S Plus
  • iPhone SE (first and second generation)
  • iPod Touch (seventh generation)

Apple iOS 15

These are the revamped and new features of the latest iOS 15. There may be some other features available in iOS 15 which is not known yet. We hope that more information about the significant changes and a new feature will be available pretty soon. The new OS has got drastic changes and additional features than the previous one. We hope that it will be available for general mass as soon as possible. Apple has regularly surprised its customers either with its smartphones, MacBook, iPad, or Apple OS. With the release of the new OS, Apple has promised to provide trust of security and privacy in its upcoming OS. The new OS for iPhone will come with some new and flabbergasting features. The new OS for iPhone will not be available for general iPhone users anytime soon.

So, the iPhone users will have to keep patience and wait for a while to try the Apple iOS in their iPhone. Although, the beta version of the Apple iOS 15 will be available for general iPhone users from next month. Apple is also planning to release certain other Apple products in the coming months. According to the leaked pictures which are circulating on the internet, the apple products seem to be Apple watch. The new apple watch may launch within a month or two and it will have more additional features than its predecessor. The new apple watch has the same built design as its previous version. Let’s see what other products Apple brings in the market by the end of the year 2021. This is all the information we have about Apple iPhone OS 15, for further updates stay connected with us.

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