Apple Lunching New Devices, Watch Live Event Today

    Apple is likely to announce its new upcoming hardware today. Apple is going to host a virtual event in various popular cities like New York, London, Paris and you can watch the live streaming of this event on your mobile phone at 10PM AT and 1 PM in New York, 6 PM in London, and 7 PM in Paris.

    Most likely the iPhone will feature an update system of a new 5G modem, a reflex product iPhone SE 3 is about to announce. More likely, the iPhone is about to release the updated iPad Air in a new way that could be even faster than the previously released iPad mini.

    It will be more interesting to see what Apple has in mind for the Mac lineup. As Apple is in the process of refreshing its entire Mac lineup to replace Intel CPUs with Apple chips, Also a thirteen inch MacBook Pro could update the Mac Mini Air. Apple is going to be one of the most important additions to the MacBook lineup.

     You can watch live streaming of all these different events live today on Apple’s official YouTube channel. Apple TV users can also watch the Apple Professional Events section live.

    If you don’t have Apple TV and You’re not interested to watch live event on youtube then Apple official event page offer for participate on this event.

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