Apple Music v3.4 Released For Android: Newly Added Features List

One of the things that people hate about Apple is that is seamless features are not available for Android users. Many people are unable to spend on Apple phones and resent losing out on the services due to a lack of purchasing power. It seems as if Apple has recognized that there is an entire market segment they have left untouched due to their exclusiveness policy. Therefore, they are testing the market by releasing Apple Music v3.4 for Android users. With the release of Apple software IOS14, the next predictable move was to update the Apple Music to a newer version with better features.

The newly updated Apple Music version is just a teaser of what is to come in the new IOS update. The 3.4 Apple Music version features a new icon, to spice things up a little and make the application look eye-catching as well. As always, Apple keeps the ease and comfort of operation for the consumer as its top priority, which is why it has released a modified version of the Search button, placing it at the bottom instead of the top, so that you can maneuver your way through the application singlehandedly.

Apple Music 3.4 For Android

The search icon will also provide you with results that are attuned to your liking. You can also easily add whatever you are listening to on your Instagram stories without the hassle of taking a screenshot to do so. This not only provides a better advertisement for the music being listened to, but it also caters to the need of the youth today to keep others informed of what they are doing, even if it is as simple as listening to music. You have several choices from which you can easily choose how you want your data to be managed when you are listening to your music to enable optimum consumer experience within your budget.

The AppleOne subscription is the highlight of this update, as it allows you to decide on a monthly plan while including all IOS apps that you might need. The base subscription is the provision of Apple Music and Apple TV+ for a monthly fee, whereas the other subscription will cater to a larger variety of consumer needs by providing you with Apple TV+, Apple Music, Apple News+, as well as greater iCloud storage. Including iCloud storage in this pack is a masterstroke because all Apple consumers run out of iCloud storage really quickly, and with a monthly plan regularly updating the storage facilities, their hassle of backing up their iPhones to iCloud is significantly reduced.

Apple Music 3.4 Features

Even for Android users, the iCloud storage can be a safe space to store any data that they need, however, if they decide they do not require it, and consequently refuse to pay for it, they always have the option of going for the base subscription. Once again, Apple has made sure to cater to the need of the maximum number of consumers in its new plan. However, the details of the subscription and consumer’s ability to choose between the two plans have not been made clear yet.

Apple has clarified that the consumer will not be charged for the same service twice. For example, if you already have a subscription to Apple Music but desire to have the services of the Apple TV+, you will only be required to pay for the difference in the amount, that is, the cost of the Apple TV+ service. This shows that even though Apple offers services at a relatively higher cost, they still respect the value of money. 

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