Apple’s September 15 Event: iPad, Watch SE, Series 6 & More

In the month of September, Apple generally plans for its autumn event to launch new devices and iPhones. Indeed, since September 2012 Apple has been launching every new iPhone in the same month. But it’s very different this year. In this year’s September, due to the coronavirus pandemic that destroyed a supply chain, Apple is not supposed to hold a major event for the first time.

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This may result in Apple delaying the launch by one month and hosting the event in October instead. The iPhone 12 would most likely be released in October but in September Apple will release some other product. We don’t know the full story, but in September according to some rumors Apple plans to release new products. Let’s discover what the things can get launched in this event.

How To Watch Apple’s Time Files Event On September 15?

Because of to the COVID-19 pandemic, Apple’s special event will take place digitally. f We expect that in the next Apple event, a pre-recorded footage will get telecasted since it was done earlier in the WWDC2020 event that used a recorded video from Steve Jobs Theater and Apple Park. Apple’s official website, its YouTube channel, and the Apple TV app enable you to access the event’s live video broadcast. The event will begin at 10:00 AM PT which is 10:30 PM according to Indian Standard Time.

New iPads May Get Launched

In the last few months, the upcoming iPad Air 4 was leaked repeatedly, prompting Apple to launch this latest device in this week’s event. We also discovered that the new iPad Air 4 is allegedly highly inspired by the Apple flagship iPad, the iPad Pro. An edge-to-edge display screen, fast processor, and a USB-C adapter are reportedly included in the package. According to the leaks, the iPad Air 4 is the first Apple device to feature TouchID in the side power button. Sorry guys, for the time being, FaceID is restricted to the iPad Pro.

It is also predicted that Apple iPad 8 will show up during the Apple virtual event. This may be for the “mid-range affordable” market. But the reports about it were misleading and it was not clear whether or not that would happen.

You Can Expect Apple Watch 6 Series Too

Apple Watch Series 6 is now well known. We do not expect the Apple Watch 6 to be majorly updated, however, several new features may be added. It is rumored to see Apple Watch 6 receiving blood oxygen monitoring also called SpO2 tracking. We have discovered that the latest Apple Watch could predict early symptoms of stress and panic much faster than ever. Sleep monitoring and better battery life will also be given in Apple Watch Series 6. The latest Apple Watch will also feature a children’s mode. There is a rumor that a cheaper Apple Watch is going to be launched along with the Apple Series 6, but there is no information at this moment.

It will introduce a new device on a chip that improves efficiency and battery life, improves water resistance, and improves WiFi and cellular speeds. A battery claimed to have leaked for Apple Series 6 and features 303.8mAh, an upgrade which isn’t big compared to the current Series 5 battery of 296mAh, which means that performance improvements may result in improved battery life.

iOS 14 Announcements

New info on iOS 14, watchOS 7, iPad OS 14, and tvOS 14 are also scheduled to be released by Apple. At the WWDC 2020 event in June, the technology giant unveiled iOS 14, watchOS 7, iPad OS 14, and tvOS 14 and will be presenting info at the upcoming event. iPhone 12 series are scheduled to commence later this year with an out-of-the-box upgrade to iOS 14.1. Apple has recently released iOS 14 Beta 8, a stable edition of the software, for programmers and public beta users.

Apple TV and Apple Studio

In the September 15 event, Apple is also set to launch a new Apple TV and Siri Remote. The new Apple TV is powered by a faster chip for better gaming experience according to reports and rumors. The Siri Remote is said to be supported by the Find My app, which makes locating the remote easier if it is misplaced by chance.

Apple has already built over-ear headsets for Apple Studio for quite a while now. The Apple Studio will be using sports features including head and neck tracking, personalized equalizer settings, and many more according to rumors. The Apple Studio is estimated to cost around $349, but that is just as an estimate as it is not yet announced. Apple may eventually expect to launch the Apple Studio at the September 15 event.

AirTags Bluetooth Tracking Devices

AirTags are Bluetooth monitoring devices that can be connected to essential and frequently misplaced objects like keys, wallets, cameras, and others. The Find My app will detect these things right from your iPhones, iPads, and Macs.

We do not know how the AirTags would look like, but they can be thin, circular tags with integrated Bluetooth assistance and ultra-wideband compatibility based on photos found in iOS. Ultra-wideband is amazing since iPhones with a U1 chip can be more precise than Bluetooth alone in their placement. If the keys are stuck in the sofa coil, for example, the iPhone devices will find them immediately.

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