Apple’s Time Flies: Don’t Miss This Event Today, New Product Launches

    Apple is using virtual spaces to reveal the latest tech launches, like every other business doing these days to launch their products. Trying to follow the virtual WWDC that happened back in June, Apple is going to launch its yearly device event with a “Time Flies” event beginning Tuesday 15 September. In the presence of a corona-virus pandemic, Apple will not launch any new iPhones in this event since it normally launches new iPhones in mid-September. Although it seems that we are going to see some product releases first for Apple Watch, considering the timing. Since the name of the event refers to time, people are suggesting that there can be a few Apple watches launch today.

    Maybe on 15 September, there will be more announcements rather than just a few upgrades about the Apple Watch. It is believed that Apple will have a range of launches in the upcoming year, such as an improved iPad Air, a smaller HomePod, over-earing headphones, and several new iPhones. Since the event is too close now, the rumors about the new launches have got stronger and people are claiming multiple device launches in this event. In addition to the Apple Watch Series 6 upgrades, various tech giants are expecting a less costly Apple Watch to be announced, and aside from the iPad Air 4th Gen, we can also see the affordable iPad 8th Gen. It is therefore a victory both for premium consumers and for budget customers.

    15 September Apple Event

    If you’re thinking about the new iPad 4 features, then the Profilic Tipster (a well-know leaker) has all you can think about.  According to him, the iPad Air 4thGen will include the much-awaited A14 Bionic and Type-C USB connector, while the budget iPad 8th Gen will feature an A12X Bionic processor with Lightning Port. Both the budget and customers with premium preferences will be delighted to see such a high-end configuration. The 64-bit dual-core S4 processor can be used with the Apple Watch and it may ship in both Bluetooth and LTE models. On the other hand, the budget Apple Watch SE might be available in 2 sizes such as Series 6, which also comes in 2 models. According to some users, Apple may announce the launch dates of the iPhone 12 models too.

    Along with the new iPhone models, in September, Apple generally launches the next iOS update too, but we’re not predicting new phones at the event on Tuesday, it’s hard to guess exactly the schedule for Apple’s iOS 14 roll-outs. The upgrade will include a new home panel with widgets, a new Siri layout, and features to set third-party apps as your default email and browser applications, etc. iPadOS 14 might receive some of the changes along with better handwriting and updated search recognition. Apple may confirm the arrival of iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 for everyone, so we will have to wait and see.

    Apple Event Hashtag

    Twitter also unveiled a new functionality “Special GIF”, for the likes on tweets with a hashtag #AppleEvent. When a person likes any tweet that contains the hashtag #AppleEvent, the “Like-Button” swirls into a vibrant heart. Talking about the feature, many  Twitter users shared how they began to enjoy the animation and even re-like tweets with the hashtag. But this Twitter functionality is limited only to the iOS devices as of now.  This won’t work well for Android users who were unable to see the animation on their smartphones. It can be used on desktops or tablets, too.

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