Actor Armaan Kohli Arrested By NCB In Drugs Case: Full Details

The drug scandal is disgusting, to say the least. People look up to film actors as their role models for the kind of roles they portray on screen. However, all this has come crashing down. Some Bollywood celebrities have been caught for possession. Around 231 celebrities so far have been caught and most of them escaped and some of those cases were never been disclosed to the public other than records at respective authorities. Bollywood is arguably the biggest film industry in the world, and there is no doubt that they are going through a very disturbing period but like any other big industry they will come out of these crises very soon and in time this will be all forgotten. If a poor person takes drugs, he will go to jail but if a rich person takes drugs it will be manipulated by police see the example of Rahul Mahajan who was involved in the drug case.

As he was the son of a politician, he got eventually free from custody in the drug possession case. Bollywood needs to be more transparent and surely needs strict laws and even stricter execution of them. It should not be a monopoly or controlled by a mere few. It’s made by so many people and it is theirs too as much as it’s of the powerful few. I have a different opinion here, rather than hating, insulting, and ignoring them, if only the public joined their hands, they can easily revolutionize the Bollywood industry. On August 28, the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) has detained famous Bollywood actor Armaan Kohli on the possession of drugs. He was arrested at his Juhu residence. During the raid at his house, a certain number of drugs have been confiscated from his residence.

Armaan Kohli Arrested In Drugs Case

He has been taken into custody and get interrogated for more than twelve hours. Armaan Kohli rose to fame with his appearance in the famous TV show Big Boss. He was in the house of Big Boss. It has been reported from a tweet by ANI that he is being presented to the court on August 29. Every 2nd or 3rd person in the film industry is into it, so calling it a racket, first of all, sounds weird to me. The ‘D’ word is so common and has so many monikers that you wouldn’t even know from a casual conversation that they are talking about it. And why just Bollywood, every sphere and stream has a community that takes drugs. Corporates do it, media do it, college teens do it. It’s everywhere. If people want to stop this so-called racket, then they should first reach out or rather confront people around them and try to deal with their ‘it’s my life’ attitude first.

Further revelations have been made on the case of Armaan Kohli’s drug possession case by the Zonal Director of NCB, Sameer Wankhede. He told that during the raid at Kohli’s house, a certain number of drugs have been recovered from his residence. After that, he was taken into custody for further interrogation. During the process of interrogation, he was giving ambiguous answers to the question asked by NCB officers. After the interrogation, Armaan Kohli was taken under custody and taken to NCB for further questioning in the drug possession. As for now, he is still in judicial custody. Another Bollywood actor Gaurav Dixit was arrested before the raid at Armaan Kohli’s residence. Gaurav Dixit was found with the possession of “MD” and “Charas” and the anti-drugs agency has arrested him because of the possession.

Armaan Kohli NCB Arrest

The following drugs have been recovered from his residence. Later on, Gaurav Dixit was sent to the custody of NCB in the drug case. He will be in custody till August 30. This comes to show that although fame looks so desirable and powerful it is extremely fragile and very easily lost. The reason why the ones on top don’t speak up is that they will look like complete hypocrites if they do. Imagine the top actresses of Bollywood campaigning against the objectification of women when they’ve done numerous item numbers to get to where they are, it would sound ridiculous. At the end of the day, these people are just people and we need to stop putting them on God-level pedestals. Actor Armaan Kohli has always been in trouble for a long time. He is one of the most troublesome and violent actors.

In the year 2018, he was accused of physically assaulting his girlfriend Neeru Randhawa. In the year 2015, he was seen in the Movie “Prem ratan Dhan payo” with the lead actor Salman Khan. Armaan Kohli had also appeared in the house of the Big Boss as a contestant in season 7. In the house of the big boss, he was a pain in the head owing to his violent and troublesome attitude. Somehow, we as stereotypical followers of these non-sensical actors and actresses are also responsible. In India, we idolize them and consider them as a deity or something. It is all because of Indian cine-goers. Many Indians go to movies regularly by paying whatever the ticket rate. Many repeatedly see the same movies by buying tickets at a variable rate. Many cine-goers are ordinary people who work a menial job and receive less wage or monthly salary.

Armaan Kohli Drugs Case NCB Arrest

These people go to the movie and dump their hard-earned money without any return of any money except some pleasure. On the other side cinema stars, directors and many others earn high payments. Based on repeat audience and the long run of the movies, they raise their pay and earn name and fame by the collection of ticket money from the common man. They buy luxury cars, bungalows, farmhouses, foreign tours, and whatnot. After earning a lot and lot, they turn their look on illegal activities and spend on drinking, drugging, betting, pornography, human trafficking, fashion shows so on. It all starts with common man earnings and buying cinema tickets for these stars’ movies. What the stars act in movies doesn’t reflect in their real life. So poor Indians can’t differentiate between the star’s reel life and real life. Bollywood and drugs are not new.

The relationship between Bollywood and drugs is years old but these so-called actors are coming to the limelight with their addiction and planned drug party after the death of Sushant Singh Rajput. The death of Sushant Singh Rajput paved the way for NCB to look for aspects of drug racket in the Bollywood industry. Some of the prominent names have been reported in the drug case, these include Deepika Padukone, Shraddha Kapoor, and Sara Ali Khan. These Actors were accused of taking drugs and along with them, Rhea Chakraborty (alleged girlfriend of Sushant Singh Rajput) was taken into custody in the possession and provocation of drug addiction to Sushant. Sushant was found dead on June 14 2020 in this flat in Mumbai.

Armaan Kohli Drugs Case Details

Most honest and Nationalist team will be needed since Drug lobby/ Mafiya’s are very strong and it is supposed that they have power-full connections in higher places. Persons involved are like army men who stack their life for their aims. There is no denying the fact that drugs are harmful to the people consuming them but it also gives them a pleasure where they have no idea what is going on around them. People are having tough times during this pandemic. they might take wrong decisions. It is an irony that the death of a talented, intelligent, and ambitious actor opened up cupboards out of which skeletons have been tumbling out incessantly.

The thing is we must have to remember that no star is bigger than the film industry itself, and the people who run and care for the Bollywood film industry, they will do their best to get out of this tricky corner, and we am sure there are hundreds, if not thousands of new “artists” out there waiting for their turns, and they will replace the “not so popular” stars of today. Consuming drug is common in Bollywood a lot of rich people in India takes drug because our rules are flexible. The law should take its course and should teach a lesson to all stakeholders involved in both these film circuits. It is an utterly useless topic to discuss in public and racked up at the moment when the whole country is reeling under the ineptness of the most illiterate govt in history and has made the mess of our economy. The youth is jobless and farmers are on the roads for the implementation of MSP as their right.

Armaan Kohli Arrested By NCB

Also, the institutions in India have become a mere tool of propaganda to the center yet here we are discussing the petty issue of drug consumption and NCB was like we don’t usually investigate such petty issues since we look into international drug cartels and something big to worth our time but as we know the distraction has to be introduced via partial media and it is working quite fine. In a nutshell, “filmgoers should think twice before spending money on a film ticket as long as scandals keep emerging”.

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