Aryan Khan Granted Bail By Bombay High Court: Live Updates

    Social media flooded with different notions on the arrest of Aryan khan and after the bail of the accused the whole social medial platform has become a battleground where half of them are in support of the bail while the other half are opposing the decision of the High Court. Many people are saying that bail has not been pursued right earnestly, let’s analyze who could be gaining out of it – SRK& family (publicity free of cost pre-launch of Aryan in films). This is most improbable after 2week. NCB has no choice but to oppose a bail application. Adversaries of SRK revealed that no immediate financial or otherwise hence ruled out. Media trials are unfair irrespective of the person at the receiving end and the section of media indulging in it.

    Such trials also expose the lack of integrity of the media house and the media persons indulging in it. Actually, Aryan Khan has become a famous influencer nowadays, and that is because of newspapers and media houses. But we should not completely ignore the fact that NCB is more confident about the Aryan Khan case. According to the current news, they have applied for High court, and now he has been granted bail today. A lot is going on and people are representing their perspectives on social media. A prominent news channel has said that, Aryan Khan is one of those personalities who are the source of drugs peddlers to earn their money with this kind of personality. There is a group of people who are linking this drug case internationally. They are saying that The drug mafia from Pakistan is also involved in this business we have seen the report that drugs are sold on LOC.

    Aryan Khan Granted Bail By Bombay High Court

    Aryan Khan should be guilty or not this decision depends on the court. The media should involve in this type of report media has many responsibilities toward the nation. But in Aryan Khan’s case, we should see the irresponsibility of the media. Aryan Khan was finally granted bail on Thursday by The Bombay High Court. Aryan Khan who is the son of prominent Bollywood actor Shahrukh Khan was finally granted bail after three weeks of his arrest. Aryan Khan was arrested in the case of possession of drugs case on a cruise ship party on October 3. The decision of grant of bail of Aryan Khan was given by a single bench of Justice of The Bombay high court N W Sambre. Other accused in the drug case Arbaaz Merchant and Munmun Dhamecha were also granted bail along with Aryan Khan.

    Justice Sambre has said during the court session “All three pleas are allowed. I will pass detailed orders by tomorrow evening,”. However, all the accused will be released from Jail tomorrow. Anil Singh has opposed the decision of the court, he is counsel narcotics control bureau (NCB). He referred that Aryan khan’s bail is indigestible and he is not a first-time consumer of Drugs. Anil Singh alleged that Aryan Khan is a regular consumer of the drug and he must be consuming drugs for the last two years. Furthermore, Mr. Singh has also said that Aryan Khan must have some links with the established drug racket. While another supporter of the NCB and accusing Aryan Khan is upset with the bail. One of the supporters has said that “So the media trial of Aryan Khan is also unfair. Let the NCB prove the charges and the competent Court rule.

    Aryan Khan Granted Bail

    Heavens are not falling if we wait for their ruling. This boy is a son of a celebrity and justice can be expedited and they can effort the cost. Imagine if this boy is a normal person, his career and families life will be made hell proving innocent. India is not the place to live if you have the option to move out you can have a better life elsewhere”. Aryan Khan’s drug case took a U-turn when a new name was added in the case, another star kid was found in the drug conspiracy. Ananya Panday, who is the daughter of Chunkey Panday was called to the NCB office for interrogation because of her link with drug trafficking. Ananya and Aryan are family friends and studied in the same school. Ananya is Suhana Khan friend also they are spotted together on many occasions. Aryan’s drug chat with Ananya was accessed by NCB. Ananya Panday’s house was raided and her electronic devices were seized.

    Aryan asked her to procure ganja. NCB will grab all details of peddlers and drug distributors. On the other hand, an infamous political critic said that Aryan Khan is merely a puppet in this whole drama. Everyone is asking what was Aryan doing on the cruise but no one is asking about the consignment that was delivered in the Adani Port day before this incidence. No one can smell the odor of a fragrance when sitting in a garbage van. Only a timely, honest investigation will reveal the truth, and we should be patient. While a prominent journalist has stated yesterday that it’s astounding that the court did not give the boy bail, what kind of courts do we have, after having so many lawyers the arresting agencies kept him in jail for no rhyme or reason.

    Aryan Khan Lawyers

    If Aryan Khan is discharged by law as an innocent 23-year-old kid, there are many people existing today, who will honor and felicitate him for his guiltless actions and give unstinted support not only to the blameless kid but also to their extended families. In short, this incident could turn out to be a win-win situation and an excellent PR exercise for embarking on a career. After the decision of bail, Twitter and other social media platform witnessed a lot of mixed tweets related to the Aryan khan and his bail. One of the Twitter users has posted “Justice not done. I feel sorry for people who go through injustice people who were caught with proof of crime are free and sitting in Parliament andhbhakt (Blind Supporters) needs to think once again before voting Modi Or BJP if you were or you loved once are in this position.

    There is a lot of conspiracy behind the arrest of Aryan Khan along with other accusers. One of the prominent opposition leaders has said via an online interview that Aryan Khan and his fellow were caught for 13 gm of ganja/ charas which is a soft drug even this was legal before 1985. But no media house is questioning about the 3000kg of LSD drug it is a hard drug, that was caught on the Adani port. This is the hypocrisy of TV news as Adani was a political financer of Modi-led BJP. And the TV news is already sold to its integrity to Modi so they were quite in this big issue or diverting this news to Aryan Khan.

    Aryan Khan Bail By Bombay High Court

    The comments on Aryan Khan’s case remind us of how the middle management views what’s happening within the Organization. They know that what’s happening is wrong, they keep talking to each other across departments about the same. They keep wondering whether the SLT – Sr Leadership Team – is blind and cannot see the reality. All these are a matter of trial. This is a nursery stage to grant bail. Had it been an ordinary person the bail would have been rejected at the initial stage.

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