IPL Auction 2022 Live Updates: Auctioneer Hugh Edmeades collapses mid auction

    The IPL Auction 2022 host is collapse and down at the ground during mid session of the auction day. The host Hugh Edmeades is senseless due to his low Blood Pressure. This is an uncertain incident during IPL auction today 12th February. That’s why IPL auction today is postponed and again resume at 3:30 PM.

    Ahead of the IPL auction, Hugh Edmeades had said that during his four-decade career as an auctioneer, he has conducted a lot of two-day auctions, but never one that lasted for 12 hours. He even added that he was not fazed by the idea of being on his feet for 12 hours.


    “During my 38 years as an auctioneer, I have taken plenty of two-day auctions, but admittedly, none lasting a potential 12+ hours. However, I am not at all fazed by the prospect of being on my feet for up to six hours each day. Mentally and physically, I will be splitting the sessions into “bite-size pieces” and taking the opportunities to regroup during the breaks in the auction,” Hugh Edmeades had said according to InsideSport.

    However now Hugh Edmeades  is fill good and ready for remaining parts of IPL auction.

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