Avita Liber 14 Laptop Launched in India: Price, Specifications & More

There is good news for all those who were planning to buy a laptop recently.  We all are familiar with the famous brand Avita. Avita is a trustworthy and reputable company, and when it comes to laptops, Avita is the one with many features and a reasonable price. And the demand for Avita laptops is increasing day by day as they are gaining popularity. The laptop has successfully gained this popularity because the features they offer in their laptops are always worth it for the price. Avita has recently launched a new laptop Avita Liber 14 in India.

The laptop has great features within an affordable price range. The laptop is having an i7 intel core and a 10th generation processor and an integrated UHD graphic card. It has a 16 GB RAM, which means that the system will have a smooth functioning without any hangovers. The size of the display is 14 inches and supports full HD IPS along with anti-glare technology which ensures a high definition of the screen. The laptop is having 1TB of storage which means that you don’t have to worry about storage concerns as there is ample storage available.

Avita Liber 14 Launched In India

The color scheme of the laptop is eye-catching, the color pattern is a shade of navy blue along with gold at the sides, which gives it a gorgeous look. The laptop weighs around 1.25 kg which makes it quite lightweight. It has a sleek and thin frame. The laptop has a sleek finish. It also has a 1-megapixel web camera for a good video camera quality. The laptop has a 4830mAh battery and a single charge can last up to approximately 10 hours, so you don’t have to worry about charging your laptop again and again.

The laptop comes with two slots for USB, one slot for USB type-C, one HDMI, and one slot for Micro Sd card. The laptop comes equipped with an inbuilt microphone and speakers. And in the connectivity features the laptop has Wifi and Bluetooth version 4.2. Along with all this, the laptop has a backlit keyboard. The price of the laptop is around Rs. 62,990, which is quite reasonable as the features being offered on the laptop are pretty cool. You can find this product on sale on Flipkart, which is offering a discount of 10% on the credit cards and debit cards of SBI.

Avita Liber 14 Laptop

We have tried to bring each and every detail of the laptop for you so that you can have a clear image of the laptop and its features. The laptop is completely worth the deal. The features being offered are totally amazing and the price being asked for it is completely worth it. So you can consider buying the Avita Liber 14 laptop, and there may be some exciting offers on it because of the festive season on the peak. I hope this article helps you understand if this is the laptop for you. 

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