Back to back sad news for Larry King: Two Children Larry King and Chaia King Die in Past Three Week

There is a back to back two sad news for USA legendary TV host Larry King. Larry King’s two growing children Larry King and Chaia King are died back to back in past three week.

Larry King is the Adapted son of Larry King in 1962. But the sudden death is sad. Chaia King is the daughter of Larry King and Alene Akins who born in 1969. Alene Akins is the ex wife of Larry King who death in 2017. It is in public when Larry King twitted “So very saddened over the passing of Alene Akins, who died peacefully with our children Chaia and Andy by her side. She was a grand lady.”

“Larry and his three remaining children are distraught, and Larry’s still recovering from his own health issues from last year,” according to sources.

Larry King has two other ex wife Annette Kaye and Shawn King. According to sources king has three other children Larry King Jr. and Cannon and Chance King. In the last year King suffer a little fatal stroke in the age of 85.

Hospital conformed that Chaia King is suffer from lung cancer but unfortunately in the last Thursday she loose the battles again the diesis. However the reason of Larry King death is not publicly announced by Larry King.

Lorray kin was hosted popular Ora TV show “Larry King Now” and now he working on HULU TV current live show project  “Politicking with Larry King,” as a host.

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