BARS: TikTok-Like App Launched By Facebook: Details Here

There’s always unique creativity in every individual, all they need is to prioritize it, I am not saying lip-syncing or twirling in the background is some sort of creativity, but there a lot of different things on these apps which can help an individual to find out his/ creativity to a certain extent. There are a lot of apps around which let you represent your creativity to the whole world, these social media apps let you watch, create, and share short videos, one of the apps in this category is TIKTOK, although a few years back it was known as “”. had gained a lot of popularity especially among youngsters, it was meant to create short videos (15 seconds) along with that it was a video and sharing, with more than 100 million users, till the end of August 2018.

The app had abundant music and dialogue options for its users, with which they could lip-sync and make funny or entertaining videos, by which they get a great fan following the base of viewers. At initiation, the app was widely popular among some content creators and leads to a sudden rise to the hall of fame based on their engaging content on The users also had the option to share videos on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, further driving the app’s popularity. However, in August 2018, the app was bought by a Chinese company “ByteDance” and earlier users of were transferred to “Tik Tok” ( was renovated to Tok-Tok).


All of the content and accounts that were present on were automatically transferred to the new Tik Tok app. Talking about Tik-Tok, it is a Chinese-owned social video-sharing app that lets users create their short clips with background music. On the working notion, it is just the same as “” on the primary ground, Users have the option to shoot, edit, and share 15-second videos pep up with filters, music, animation, special effects, and much more other functionalities. Like its contemporary other social media apps, users also have options to follow, like, and comment on everything they see. TikTok is available on iOS and Android operating systems.

Summing up everything, in short, TikTok is here to make social media calibrated with fun, talking about its technological advancement from to TikTok, the company which bought TikTok, also bring forth certain advancements in the app, it was one of the first companies to introduce Mobile-based productive app powered by machine learning technology. Afterward with furthermore developments in the last years the company was successful to combine the power of artificial intelligence with the ongoing rapid growth of mobile internet users to revolutionize the way people consume and receive information.

BARS App Features

TikTok has certain apart from the league in terms of technological developments like using facial recognition for its filters and filling one’s feed with highly customized recommendations based on the users viewing preferences—the app has a significant feature to provide its users with exactly what they want and obstruct those contents in which they are not interested to watch. In just a couple of years TikTok had garnered a tremendous number of users in India, and become an app that had one of the highest numbers of users from a country ( India), but owing to security concern and intense tussle with a neighboring country (china), in which China was taking undue influence and fishing on our security concerns, the government of India took a strict decision to ban TikTok along with a list other malicious Chinese apps.

On 29th June 202,  the government of India issued a notice to TikTok on the permanent ban of the app TikTok in the country. Along with TikTok, the government has issued a similar notice of permanent ban notice to 177 Chinese apps. After all, the uncertainties government wasn’t willing to comply with the company to give nod to unban the TikTok app, and after all these months TikTok is still banned in India, taking advantage of that many other video sharing apps came into existence and many old apps which hardly surviving under the shadow of TikTok started to get proper recognition of public and reaching a vast percentage of the population.

BARS App Launched

And as of now, a new app is quite in limelight, “BARS”. there’s no denying the fact that TikTok has become key inception in the platform for music, with songs constitutes a major part of the app’s sharing working procedures. On the other hand, BARS seems to behold into that same aspects – though interestingly, it doesn’t have features of collaborative or remix tools as TikTok has, which, we can assume, would be a prior engagement benefit for its users. The presence of response or remix options could initiate virality, the way it works on TikTok, which would help this recently launched app to add more participation. But on the contemporary side, BARS has its total focus on helping to aspire and new creative rappers get their ideas down pat.

An innovative initiation by Facebook in the form of “BARS”, as with the help of this app new talents, in reality, will get real aspiration among the masses, not just the lip-sync kind of thing is a real talent. As per the recent information, the video clips in the BARS app can be recorded up to 60 seconds in length, and we can have the option to save it in our Camera Roll or directly share out on other social media platforms. A great move which will help to boost its popularity, owing to the reason it is developed and launched by Facebook, so there is no denying the fact that its collaboration with other apps of Facebook company, like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp will be smooth and user friendly.

Facebook BARS App

As the BARS app is still in a development phase, the app is currently under a confined beta testing phase and available only on apple’s App Store limited to the US only. In the recent development in information, The BARS app lets users opt for one of their professionally-created beats. New and aspiring rappers can just look at the lyrics and record their rap song on these beats. Besides, the app helps rappers furnish their creativity as well with the help of auto-suggested rhymes while the user is working on their beats, seems to be a budding app for aspiring and wannabe rappers in India as well as around the world. Talking about its functionality the app has features of audio and visual filters and an autotune feature that users can garner advantage to create refined and unique contents.

There’s also Challenge mode, where users will have the option to rap freestyle while encapsulating the auto-suggested words visible on the app screen. BARS could witness similar interactions, with newcomers and creative want to be rappers putting together their creative skills in BARS, then they have the option to upload those clips on TikTok, but that functionality will be limited to other countries not in India because India has already banned TikTok last year, so they have the option to share these clips on other platforms. That could help in bringing more people to the BARS app in a short period, and the NPE (New product experiment or the app development contenders of Facebook) team could then observe to ascertain remix and engagement tools to keep app users consistently there – but owing to its limited variability, it’s rigorous to see BARS proliferating significant traction as a standalone app in the hood.


But then again there a positive side, maybe it will witness wide adoption in rap communities, as the rapping industry are reaching nook and corner of the world and real talents are somehow getting some sort of applause because of their talent, in that case, it and could be enough to build its audience. For now, it’s obscure to know exactly what Facebook’s aiming for. Either way, it seems to be an interesting app, which, depending on the beats and effects on offer, could see solid adoption among creative and talented youngsters around the world. For now, the BARS app can be downloaded through Apple’s US App Store and is initially accessible for a small number of users only baes on their iPhone model and iOS versions.

As for now, It’s the 12th app launched by Facebook’s NPE team with each distinct experiment bifurcating to find new methods to ignite engagement and boost Facebook’s offerings. Some of those apps have already been shut down because of their less engagement with users, but Facebook is still in support with most of these apps, which certainly suggests that it is seeing some signs of a promising future from the diverse options. The extent of information we have about BARS is limited as it is still in the development phase and also limited to Apple users confined to the US only.

BARS App Download

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