Battlegrounds Mobile India iOS Version Released: iPhone/iPad Download

    There were many concerns with the Government of India with respect to its neighboring country China regarding border disputes and many more things. These concerns of the Government of India were met with no responses whatsoever and even after multiple discussions with respect to peace and prosperity between the two countries, nothing was coming out to be a good solution between the two nations. This is why the Government of India banned all the apps that were made in China. This caused a heavy impact on the economy of China but it also caused a bit of a problem in the Indian community that used Chinese apps. Among the apps that were banned by the Indian government, there were a number of games as well and these games were the source of income for many people.

    The game which we are referring to here is Player Unknown Battlegrounds which was known as PUBG. Since the ban that happened on PUBG, there were a lot of things that went on to be banned but the ban of PUBG was the most influential in India. This is because of the fact that there were many people who earned their livelihood on the basis of this game, where they streamed online while playing the game and earned through streaming. Due to this ban, there were a lot of people who revolted against the government and made sure that their concerns were heard because no one wanted to stop playing the game and this went on to get viral on social media. Thus, there are a lot of things that happened because of the same, and one thing led to another with the start of a new game that would be similar to PUBG.

    Battlegrounds Mobile India iPhone

    This was in accordance with the company that owned the game and that they knew what they are losing. India initially boasts to be the number one country which has the most number of players playing the game and the loss of such a huge amount of players for the company would result in huge losses for them. That is why Krafton acknowledged this fact and made sure that they would release a new game for the Indian players so that they do not lose the membership that they have in this country. They even accepted all the rules and regulations that were laid out by the Indian Government and promised to comply with the same. This is why the new game which is called BGMI was launched and it was one of the most successful comebacks in the history of the gaming industry.

    This is because of the fact that PUBG was already the game with the most number of players in India and it was loved by almost everyone excluding Indian parents. Thus, the hype that was created for BGMI was far greater than any game you would have ever seen in India. The game had almost a hundred thousand people waiting every day for the game and once it was launched it was instantly downloaded by a million people because of pre-registration. The wait was over on 18th June 2021 because that was the day when BGMI launched in India and everyone went haywire to just play the game and become the first beta players because this would be the first time it would be released and once it is going to be famous then it won’t be easy for you to to get yourself accustomed to the controls of the game.

    BGMI iOS Download

    The beta version that was released had almost millions of pre-registration done by gamers online and it was announced via a Twitter post that mentioned the release of this game. After the successful release of the beta version on 18th June 2021 the original app was then released on the 2nd of July 2021 and it literally got over 30 million downloads in just 3 weeks. If you cannot imagine how big this amount is remember that Subway Surfers, the game which is known by every Android user because it was one of the first games that everybody wanted on their Android devices and it just had just about 100 million downloads in one year so you can imagine how big 30 million downloads is. However, there was a huge mistake made by the company.

    Whether we should say that it was a mistake done deliberately by the company or it was just a marketing strategy is something that we cannot decide upon. This is because of the fact that the company did not release the iOS or the Apple version of the same app and this has been very troublesome for Apple users. However, the app was released for Android users and they enjoyed everything related to the game without having to worry about any privacy concerns. Although everything was shushed and nobody wanted to talk about why the company hasn’t released the iOS version of the same game, there were many rumours around which stated as to why they have not released the Apple version yet. The most feasible one that many people believed was that Apple has a very strong privacy policy and you cannot release any app on this O.S without getting filtered and monitored thoroughly.

    Battlegrounds Mobile India On iOS

    And there have been many concerns regarding the initial game, PUBG which had a lot of issues with respect to its user’s privacy because it took a lot of information from your device which you use for playing the same. Now, the company doesn’t want to lose even a single person who plays their game because everyone generates a certain revenue for the company. It is said that the company that owns BGMI has over a billion dollars worth of shares. And they would certainly not want to lose their Apple customers. This is why the company has now launched the iOS version of the same and it was first released as a beta version but is now available to everyone who wants to play the game on their iPad or iPhone. This was a pretty smart move by the company because we think that a marketing strategy is what this is.

    You may have heard the news regarding the new iPhone which would be launched soon and releasing the game on this OS now would be a good time. Consider this that everyone had the game to play with except people with iOS devices and now they can play the game just like everyone else but the thing is that a new Apple phone is going to be launched and this would be a free marketing strategy for this game. You can now download BGMI for your iPhone and iPad without being worried about privacy concerns or anything like that. If you don’t know how to download the game then it is absolutely okay. Many people don’t know how to download it when it comes to iPhone and iPads because of how complex it is. This is exactly why we have included everything in this news article which includes the instructions on how to download and play the game.

    Battlegrounds Mobile India iOS Download

    You just need to go as per instructions given in the next few paragraphs and you would be able to play the game without any difficulties. Before we go on to the actual download part in this news article let us remind you that this has just been released and it would certainly take a little amount of time for it to reach everyone. What we mean by this is that we tried to download the same on three different iPhones and one did not support the game. You won’t be able to find the game on the app store and this is not something to be worried about because it would soon be available to everyone as the game has just been launched.  The game is about 1 GB to 1.8 GB big so make sure that you have at least 2 to 3 GB of free space in your phone before going on to download the same.

    Also, you need to be updated to the latest iOS version of the iPhone and iPad or else you need to have the iOS 9.0 or higher so that you can play the game. Any specifications that do not match with the above-mentioned numbers would not be able to play the game or even download the same. As mentioned above, although the game has been released for everyone there would be certain problems with respect to certain phones because there are so many people who are downloading the game and it would take some time before you would actually have the game to play. If you want our honest suggestions then it would be better for you to wait for some time before going on to download the same. Head over to the Apple app store on any of your devices that you want to play the game and search for or games from Krafton company. 

    Battlegrounds Mobile India iOS Version

    If you cannot find the game then the situation is exactly as mentioned above but if you can then you can install the game by entering your Apple ID or your password. Once you have downloaded the game you would have to install the same and then open it to select the graphic quality that you want so that you can download the same before anything. Once everything is downloaded you can enjoy the game. Happy gaming!

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