Battlegrounds Mobile India: PUBG Mobile Makes A Return In India

Good news for PUBG fans has been released by Krafton, the South Korean Developer of PUBG. PUBG Mobile is all set to return to India with the title Battlegrounds Mobile India. The logo is painted with the colors of the national flag. The game heavily resembles PUBG and is all set to offer “a world-class AAA multiplier”. The game is absolutely free for mobile phones. The launch has been indicated with “coming soon” but the dates of release have not been mentioned clearly. Krafton has bigger plans. He will collaborate with partners to create an esports ecosystem while adding in-game content regularly. Gamers are delighted after Thursday’s announcement. To ink the deal with Indian Authorities, Krafton took several steps- signed a global cloud deal with Microsoft, broken bonds with its publishing partners Tencent, promised a $100 million investment in India’s mobile gaming ecosystem.

Considering privacy as the topmost concern, Krafton will actively work towards ensuring data protection and security at every stage. The users can safely enter their information as the privacy rights are respected at each stage and the storage would be in compliance with the laws and regulations of Indian gaming authorities. Though the return of the game is not confirmed yet. Earlier this year, a piece of news landed in our ears that India is retaining its ban on Chinese apps. This is for the second time Krafton has lightened the brains of fans with the return of PUBG Mobile. We are well-acquainted with the madness of youth behind PUBG. It had reached the level of attaining 50 million monthly active users in India.  As per the sources, PUBG Mobile still serving 10 million + users in India, which is a commendable achievement. (People have resorted to the use of VPN tools and other relevant tools to break the restrictions on the game.) PUBG Mobile’s fans are unstoppable even after the ban.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Launch

Krafton is deeply concerned about the protection of the well-being of minors. He said the game will be launched with numerous restrictions. The players will be asked to enter the phone numbers of their guardians to play the game. A limit has been set on the number of hours is- 3. They will not be allowed to play the new version for more than 3 hours a day. And the maximum amount they can spend is $95. With the ban of PUBG Mobile, viewership got affected. The maximum talent was managed from the PUBG Mobile background, said Abhishek Aggarwal, Co-founder, and CEO of Trinity Gaming. There are beliefs that banning one game is not a good idea. Particularly, the game which can generate heavy revenue. PUBG is not a game, it is a whole different opportunity for the gaming industry to flourish and augment its brand value effectively.

Shivam Rao, co-founder of Abhishek Aggarwal said, “The game will be a huge step towards the successful future of esports in India.” The return of Battlegrounds Mobile India is awaited as it would be interesting to know that the winner would get chicken dinner like PUBG Mobile or they have something different to put on the plate. Also, other content curators and other platforms are a bit scared after the shoot of the news of PUBG Mobile’s return. The viewership of other platforms gets severely affected as people used to spend 4-5 hours or more playing PUBG. PUBG Mobile India managed to fetch around $3 million a month before its ban. While free fire (another lookalike) earned around $1 million a month. After the ban of PUBG, the fans have compensated with Free fire. As per the sources, PUBG Mobile’s MAU (Monthly Active Users) has 15 million active users in India.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Comeback

Krafton is entering the Indian Gaming community with Battlegrounds Mobile India, with the hope to provide the best gaming experience and generating revenue. No news about the date of the launch of the Mobile India Battlegrounds is yet available. What we also really don’t say for sure is whether Battlegrounds Mobile India will be just a new PUBG Mobile edition, or whether it will be directly updated for the Indian market. In November a news article was published with PUBG Corporation’s statement that PUBG Mobile for India will be updated. This is what we know so far about Battlegrounds Mobile India, keep visiting this page to know when the PUBG Mobile is available for download from the Google Play store and iTunes store.

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