Battlegrounds Mobile India Stable Version Released: Download Now

    As of today, that is, July 2, Battlegrounds Mobile India has been officially released in India. Until today, Battlegrounds Mobile India was only available through early access, but now the stable version has been allowed for the public of India to download from the Google Play Store. It is deemed widely to be the Indian version of PUBG Mobile which was banned last year in the month of September. So, people who were using the beta version of Battlegrounds Mobile India can now switch to its stable version very easily. Although only Android users are lucky enough to use the stable version of Battlegrounds Mobile India for now. Krafton, the game’s developer, thanked all the users and rewarded them with in-game rewards as 10 million players have installed the game as of this moment.

    Almost a month ago, Karfton announced Battlegrounds Mobile India’s official launch to be soon enough, and today they have finally released the game for everyone in the country. Anybody can download the game by just searching for it in the Google Play Store, but it is not yet available for iOS users. If you pre-registered for Battlegrounds Mobile India when there was time, you just have to update the game from the Play Store. It is a comparatively small download. For others who did not pre-register, they can start using Battlegrounds Mobile India by just going to the Play Store and downloading the entire game(which is somewhat a heavier download). Krafton, releasing the game in India, declared, “We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all the fans in India who have been waiting for the official launch of Krafton’s BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA.

    Battlegrounds Mobile India Stable Version Play Store

    As of July 2, 2021, thanks to your support, BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA has been officially released.” Battlegrounds Mobile India’s latest version or stable version offers the Constable Set to play on, as a result of the company’s celebration for gaining 10 million users. You can download this Set through the in-game events section and it can be claimed before August 19, 2021. In some cases, an issue may appear where the update option won’t show on the Google Play Store for pre-registered users of the game. In that case, just go to the Google Play Store by using your desktop browser, but make sure to use the same Google account. You’ll see an Install option right there, click on it and it will start the update by downloading the required files. Although it may happen that you have to partially re-download some of the in-game content including texture packs as well as maps.

    Krafton thanked all the Battlegrounds Mobile India players as it hit 10 million downloads on the Google Play Store along with an in-game outfit called the Constable set. They said that the set will, later on, be permanently added to the user’s inventory to use anytime they want. The company showed similar gratitude when Battlegrounds Mobile India surpassed 1 million and 5 million downloads and their rewards are also visible and available to download to players before August 19, 2021. It was not this way before but Krafton, in all its celebratory actions, extended the validity of these rewards for players of the game. As mentioned before also, all these rewards can be accessed via the in-game events section if you install and use the stable version of Battlegrounds Mobile India.

    Battlegrounds Mobile India Stable Version Download

    Now that the stable version of Battlegrounds Mobile India has been launched, users can switch back to it from the beta version of the game. They can do so by going to the Google Play Store and from there to the testing page of Battlegrounds Mobile India. After opening that, users will be able to see a Leave beta program button. Just click on it and confirm “Leave” it when it asks. Now just uninstall the beta version you were using up until now and reinstall the public build. There’s another way too. Users can just go to the Google Play Store and click update for Battlegrounds Mobile India, and the stable version will be installed on their devices. Battlegrounds Mobile India has become hype for PUBG fans in India since the day this game was announced by Krafton, that is, earlier in May.

    The popular battle royale game opened its doors to the waiting fans for pre-registration in India on May 18, but only for Android devices. Krafton has not yet cleared anything about the release of Battlegrounds Mobile India on iOS devices. A report from IGN India and some credible sources stated that the developers are working on launching Battlegrounds Mobile India for iOS devices too. Considering the fact that the game is almost a modified variant of PUBG Mobile which was always available for iOS platforms across the world, it is very likely that Battlegrounds Mobile India will do the same. We all remember very well that the PUBG Mobile Lite version was launched in India, meant for Android phones with low processing power. However, Battlegrounds Mobile India will probably not follow suit.

    Battlegrounds Mobile India Play Store Link

    IGN India reported that Krafton may not release a Lite version of Battlegrounds Mobile India ever. There are several probable reasons for that. One is that the system requirement for Battlegrounds Mobile India is already on the lower side. So smartphones with low RAM, as low as 2GB, can also play the game smoothly. That’s why it doesn’t make any sense to make a Lite version of Battlegrounds Mobile India. Krafton had announced back in May that if you pre-register for Battlegrounds Mobile India, you will get four exclusive rewards, the Recon Outfit, the Recon Mask, Celebration Expert Title, and 300 AG; resulting in mass registration from all over India. And now it bore fruit. Discussing the privacy policy declared by Krafton’s Battlegrounds Mobile India. There are a few restrictions for children playing under the age of 18.

    Among these, the most important one is that players under 18 years will need the consent of their parents before playing Battlegrounds Mobile India. They will have to enter their parents’ mobile numbers in order to verify the consent. Another noteworthy restriction is that minors cannot play Battlegrounds Mobile India for more than three hours per day. This is taken keeping in mind the parent’s concerns. Also, these minors will not be able to get in-app purchases worth more than Rs 7000 in the game. PUBG Mobile players are aware of the fact that their players used to land half-naked in the game. But Battlegrounds Mobile India will not use this similar plot. Battlegrounds Mobile India is very parents-centric as it will have outfits for players and their bodies will always be fully covered. This might be because at the time of PUBG Mobile, nudity was a big issue for Indian parents.

    Battlegrounds Mobile India Stable Version

    In a nutshell, Battlegrounds Mobile India is expected to be more cultured or sanskari in India. Moreover, Indian parents also had a problem with all the violence and bloodshed in PUBG Mobile which was really too much. They thought it will affect their children’s mental health. So Krafton decided that Battlegrounds Mobile India will not have bloodshed. If someone is killed in the game, the players will see a green liquid draining out of the character’s body instead of red blood.

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