Instagram Reels The Best TikTok Alternates Now Lunched in India

    Tiktok was one of the 59 App that is ban by the Indian government on July 29. In this situation Everyone has chosen Instagram as an alternative to this popular Chinese app. Taking advantage of this situation, Instagram launched a new video feature ‘Reels’ in India.. This new Instagram version is already successfully tested in Brazil, Germany, and France. And India becomes the 4th country where this new feature is lunched Included with Instagram’s trial.

    “The feed videos that people post on Instagram are 15 seconds or less. So the idea of coming to the platform to consume short form videos is very much there. We want to make it easier for them to create that content and be easily discovered. And that is really the reason and rationale for why we built Reels” Vishal Shah, VP of Product, Facebook said.

    Facebook authority Instagram has started attracts a huge fan based crowd of TikTok. The short video of 15 min. to 30 minutes was the main reason for the popularity of TikTok. Instagram has tried to give the user a similar alternative to Tiktak. Instagram’s reels features and interface are a lot like TikTok. Its feature has been created keeping in mind the popularity of tiktok. Here you can upload 15 seconds video of any popular song which gives the equivalent benefit of Tiktak and the option of successful choices.

    What New In Instagram Reels

    1. You can upload 15 to 30 min. short video
    2. Add unlimited filters
    3. Bulk song collection with treading items
    4. Useable timer and effects
    5. Add multi types Augmented Reality effects which can give equine touch on your video
    6. Video can be combined with real voice by ‘Use Audio’ option
    7. You can choose audience who can watch your Reels video and you can share for all also.

    How to Find Instagram Reels Video

    It is not a different task for everyone, whether it is a TikTok user or an ordinary user. And if you already use TikTok, it doesn’t matter for you.

    1. Open Instrgram App on your phone
    2. Click search option bottom of your page
    3. Now page appear on your Screen “Reels”, just click it
    4. All done

    How to Create Instagram Reels Video

    1. In the Reels page tap camera icon top of the right corner
    2. now record video and add audio, effect, timer, filter
    3. after complete record video upload on Instagram Reels

    Instagram Reels can be official useable after 8th July 7:30 PM in India.

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