Between June and July, 300 million people will be get corona vaccine, Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan

    Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan said a clear picture of the corona vaccine would emerge in the next few months. He added that between June and July, about 300 million people will receive scientifically approved, safe and effective vaccines.

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    The health minister also said that experts were working on a plan for the distribution of vaccines in the country. The minister said everyone knows the potential and efficiency of vaccine production in India. We supply 60 percent of the vaccines needed in developing countries. About one-fourth of the world.

    There are several possible vaccine testing stages around the world. Of these, about 30 vaccines are being developed in India. Of these, five are in different stages of clinical trials – two in advanced and two in pre-clinical trials. According to the reports we have, the conversations are going on, I am optimistic about getting the vaccine by the beginning of 2021.

    The health minister said public and private health workers and police, including civil servants, would be vaccinated in the first phase. With its supply to the public, there is no denying that it is not possible to vaccinate 1.35 billion people at once.

    However, according to our plan, about 300 million people will be vaccinated between June and July. Among them, priority will be given to health workers, police and paramilitary or army, civil servants, cleaners. Then people over 65 years. Preference will then be given to people in the age group of 50 to 65 years and later to young people who have diabetes and heart disease.

    According to the health minister, India has done a very good job in controlling and treating the virus. He said the government has transformed the Electronic Vaccine Intelligence Network into a big platform, which will provide people with all the information about the availability of vaccines.

    The health minister said that if the vaccine is available, the government will take steps to distribute it. Training will be given to vaccinators as well as NGOs. Talks have also started with NGOs in this regard.

    The health minister emphasized the importance of wearing a mask, using sanitizer or washing hands with soap and water and maintaining social distance until the vaccine arrives. Instead of waiting for a vaccine, he suggested relying on such a “social distancing”.

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