BGMI Announces First eSports Tournament: BGMI Launch Party: Details

When it comes to BGMI or PUBG we have seen the craze for the game since its ban in India. Not only the game, but the players themselves always wanted more from the game. If you are a BGMI fan, you must have heard about the numerous ways people play this game and the simple multiplayer mode is changed in a variety of ways such as the lame kill, the med squad, the supply game, and other such plays. It’s where major pro players come together to play and create their version of the game. This shows that a simple multiplayer mode can be transformed into a variety of different games. To take into account all the wishes of the players who love BGMI, the company that has created this game is now trying to take it to the next level. There are a variety of ways for them to do that and they have picked the best.

The Battlegrounds Mobile India has announced that it would hold a multiplayer tournament and the game would be a PVP among other players. It would be the first player tournament that would be officially held by the company itself. As for the players, they are very curious to know about this. Since BGMI was released, it has taken over the entire gaming community. There is a huge uproar among gamers for this game and it has shattered records for being the most anticipated game of all time. Even streaming sites such as Twitch, Streamer, and even YouTube are trending with this game only. The game has fascinated Indian fans because of the local theme and the Indian flags and banners everywhere. You can even see an auto-rickshaw in-game which is something unique to India only. There are also tri-shaped flags that are tri colored like the Indian flags.

BGMI eSports Tournament

Not just the game, the company that developed this game has also hosted many events, discounts, and new content that have kept the players on the edge of their seats. The new eSports tournament that is being announced would solely be for Indian players only. We have seen a lot of outrage in the Indian gaming community because of the events that other countries get on this game, but this new event that is solely for Indians would satisfy all the worries. It is said that this is being done because after the ban the game has lost its original fan base. There is no harm in saying that the game has made a huge comeback and that it has shattered all the records, but it still isn’t at the place where it was before.  Thus, this is being done to make sure that the game roots grow deep within the Indian fans.

The information regarding the new tournament that would be held is usually released through Twitter. The company shared its previous tester mode on Twitter only, but now the light was shone through Instagram. The official account @battlegroundsmobile released a video detailing the events of the tournament and how it would take place. Many pro players and gaming experts have shared their opinions regarding this event. Our sources have confirmed that this was anticipated long back. It was destined to happen because as mentioned before, the company needs to gain what is lost. The game was just made available for Indian gamers, but it is still restricted to android only. The company hasn’t released any version for the Apple OS, nor has it released any statement regarding the same. Also, the game was still in testing just a month ago, and it was released only for some gamers who would like to test the game before its official release.

BGMI Tournament Teams

There is another event that is going on right now as you read this news because it was scheduled to be on July 8th and 9th. This is the same event that had every streamer on the edge of their seat because it was called the Streamers Battle because it was for streamers alone. Now this tournament is said to occur just after this battle because the date has been confirmed now. Yes, the Instagram post did mention that there is going to be a tournament but they didn’t mention any details as to when it would happen. But the dates were there. Not just everyday gamers, even major pro players and streamers are excited about the game. The main reason as to why this is happening is because they want their income back. After the ban on PUBG which was imposed by the Indian government, many streamers and YouTube pro players lost their only income.

They could earn from other games as well but PUBG was like the Bitcoin of the gaming world. After the ban was initiated, they lost their income, their fans and their status. Surely, they do anticipate that the BGMI would provide everything to them just like PUBG did, and this tournament is one such thing. Krafton, the company that holds the key to this game and the game that was banned, has stated in many press conferences that they do want the Indian gaming community with them. Not just these streamers and pro players, the company itself suffered huge losses as a major chunk of the gaming community in their game was Indian. To pledge a hundred million dollars isn’t something that you just do for a statement. The company pledged this amount in eSports so that it can earn back the trust of the gaming community.

BGMI Tournament

The company has also pledged for a variety of events, games and other businesses for the Indian community. Regarding additional information about the tournament, there hasn’t been much that has been said about who could participate in the same and how you should participate. But, as we all know that the inaugural event that was held by the company had a major prize pool, which was around 6 lakh rupees, so it is speculated that the new tournament which is going to be held now would have a prize pool around the same amount. Launch party – the name of this tournament has all of us rooted for our teams. If you don’t know what this is, then you must check out the details of this launch party right now. We have mentioned all the details here so you can read on. The launch party is said to be a battle between 18 famous squads in India.

You must have heard about Dynamo or Mortal X, but there are about 18 different squads that are also famous like them. So, the company has named these squads as the ones that would battle amongst each other. Here is the list of the 18 teams that would take part in this event. These are as follows:-

  1. Team Dynamo
  2. Team Shreeman Legend
  3. Team Bandookbaaz
  4. Team Antaryami
  5. Team Godnixon
  6. Team Maxtern
  7. Team Ronak
  8. Team Alpha Clasher
  9. Team Kronten
  10. Team K18
  11. Team Mortal
  12. Team Snax
  13. Team Ghatak
  14. Team Sangwan
  15. Team Gaming Guru
  16. Team Jonathan
  17. Team Classified YT
  18. Team Clash Universe

BGMI Tournament Results

These are the 18 teams that would clash with each other for the final prize. The company has confirmed that the battle would take place on the said date. Also, this event is going to churn a lot of money because it would be the first tournament to happen among pro players after such a long time. The event would be streamed on the official Facebook page of the company and also on YouTube. The game is said to shatter all records because it is said to host so many famous people. You can watch the stream by registering on the page and the channel and it will start around 2 pm IST.  No matter whether you know English or Hindi, it would be streamed in both languages so that every state can take the benefit from this stream. If you are someone that has some knowledge about this game or you want to build a career with this, you need to watch the stream.

The stream would not only give you a thrilling sense of entertainment but also enlighten you about how pro players perceive and play the game. Also, we hope that you understand that this event is for them alone, and you can only watch the same and not participate in the game. The first prize would be around 3.5 lakh rupees, the second would be 1.5 lakh and the third would be 1 lakh rupees. The fourth prize is yet to be announced but it would be around the same category. There is also a list of how many points they should earn to secure the prize. The first prize winner should get a maximum of 15 kills and the second one should get around 12. Rest as the position falls, the kills lessen by two. From the 8th position till the thirteenth position, the prize would be the same as they can get only one kill. As for those above that position, they would be eliminated from the prize pool. Stream the game to enjoy!

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