BGMI Season 20 Launch Date, Royal Pass, Ranking Schedule & More

    BGMI has the same experience as PUBG global version. You can get all your inventory and UC transferred into BGMI account but this chance is only given once during installation. As per the latest news, you could have transferred your data by 6th July. BGMI still not supporting adding Facebook friends which is quite annoying as we all love to play with our friends and colleagues. As far as gameplay is concerned all the blood bath is gone, there is no blood effect in the game. Since BGMI has less number of players it can give less lag than PUBG Mobile because PUBG Mobile has more players on almost all servers. Battlegrounds mobile India (BGMI) has better graphics, better costumes, and a better gaming experience.

    It has fast servers and the best layouts but Battlegrounds mobile India needs a minimum of 2GB RAM but still lags and for better at least 3GB RAM but doesn’t make many differences. BGMI works smooth and perfect in 4GB RAM in high graphics so 4GB RAM would be sufficient for BGMI. This game is interesting but a bit stress-giving, but it is great! It is also interesting to play. The native version of PUBG in India is BGMI. The game was introduced in India last month primarily for android users. Last week BGMI was also launched for android users. Now the game encompasses the whole population of India who owns a smartphone, iOS, as well as Android users, are now able to enjoy the game. Season 19 of the BGMI is yet to end in few days and the developers of the game have announced that season 20 will start later this month.

    BGMI Season 20 Leaks

    The statement of initiation of season 20 came from the developers (Krafton) of the game, a proper schedule has been procured by krafton for the BGMI players. Players can go through the schedule of the different upcoming seasons of BGMI on its official website. In the schedule, it is also mentioned about modification in the ranking systems of the players. Now, slight changes can be observed in the ranking system of the game. Apart from that, there are some mentions of the rules and regulations of the royal pass. Although these changes will not be implemented in the current season (season 19). The new rules of the royal pass will become effective with the initiation of season 20 of BGMI. Although PUBG has good graphics as BGMI it doesn’t have fast servers nor gaming experience. You can see this in the reviews.

    But the good news is it works perfectly in low spec smartphone. The game BGMI requires minimum 2GB RAM only and takes a minimum of 1GB storage which is less and good. You also don’t need a better device to play this game. This game is simple and easy and interesting to play. So now it’s your decision. If you have an old or low-end device then you can stick to BGMI as well. It’s the best for you. The developer of the game BGMI is krafton. It is a South Korean company which lends its support in the developing of game. The game developer company inaugurated BGMI primarily for India last month. Now the game BGMI is running its season 19 and players are zealous with the gifts in the season and gameplay of BGMI. Earlier gamers were in a conundrum owing to the gameplay and graphics of the BGMI.

    BGMI Season 20 Royale Pass

    But, after the launch of the game doubt of the people was eradicated. The battle royale game has surprised its fans with its bewitching graphics and controls. The game BGMI is in its 19th season. The concurrent season is destined to end on July 14. In the next season, which is season 20, players will witness a lot of changes in the rules and regulations of BGMI. The prior changes will be observed in a royal pass as well as in the ranking system of the players in the game. For confirmation, the developers of the game BGMI have released a statement in which they have mentioned that all these changes are coming into the game for the benefit of the players. Royale Passes in BGMI are a sort of premium membership that you can avail of over other free pass users to get exclusive skins and more emotes than other players.

    And it can be bought only through real cash or real money by paying for it. Although there are various apps out there that offer you points that can be used to buy these Royale Passes, by completing tasks provided by the app. It can be anything from testing their new apps from Play Store by downloading and using it for 5 mins to earn points or as simple as watching a normal commercial video. And, what’s funny is that these are legit methods to get a Royale pass. To be honest, buying a Royale pass is just an amazing shortcut to gain a ranking position and it also works as a status symbol for your Id. But that depends on you, how you want to use it. Royale pass is where you can get gun skins, Costumes, parachutes, etc.

    BGMI Season 20 Release Date

    Inside it there are two types one is normal one which is free and gives you a small number of awards after completing certain achievements and the other one is paid where you pay some UC to get amazing rewards. Furthermore, developers of the game have stated that the concurrent season (season 19) will end at the first hour of July 14. The new ranking system in the BGMI will become active after few hours of the end of season 19. The spokesperson of the krafton also stated that the upcoming season (season 20) will be slightly different from the earlier and current season. The upcoming season of BGMI will follow a cycle. In a cycle, there will be three seasons of the game. This will be a new exciting addition for the player. They will have three seasons of the game back to back. Krafton also has some more information about the changes in the rules and regulations of the game after the initiation of season 20.

    Developers of the BGMI have been told that each player will be bestowed with a chance to win additional rewards in the game. This means gamers will have the chance to win some extra utilities in the game by playing in the season. The players will be required to win consecutively in a specific tier within an ongoing cycle of seasons. According to the information gathered from the official website of krafton, it has been observed that three seasons will now form a cycle. That means, in each cycle, there will be three consecutive seasons. The upcoming first cycle will have three-season and it will be marked as C1S1, C1S2, and C1S3. The chain of the cycle will continue just like it. The next cycle will be marked as C2S1, C2S2, C2S3. In the marking “c” means cycle and “s” means season. The numeric value will represent the term of the season as well as the cycle.

    BGMI Season 20 Details

    Since PUBG Mobile was banned last year by the Indian Government over data privacy issues, the game has been banned in the country since then. But, recently KRAFTON announced the Indian version of the game, with the name Battlegrounds Mobile India or BGMI. This was the basic introduction to the game for cavemen. Royale Pass is a seasonal event in the BGMI game and buying the pass will allow BGMI players to complete various missions and win various prizes throughout that season. You can also push your rank faster with the pass. BGMI is also like PUBG, users will experience the gameplay in BGMI just like in PUBG but there are some differences in the rules and regulations of the gameplay owing to the country.  Rules and regulations are made in the BGMI according to the Indian players.

    Apart from that everything is the same in BGMI while comparing to PUBG. The only difference is there that BGMI is only made for India and there is a separate server for Indian players. Except this everything is the same. And yes violence is lowered as possible as they can. In BGMI they did not even you “kill” word.

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