Bhuj The Pride of India Teaser; Starring Ajay Devgan Released

    Ajay Devgan has always been a megastar from films like Phool And Kaante, Mahan, Jigar, and Dilwale to recent films such as Singham and Drishyam. The star has said to be a no controversy star and there hasn’t been much known about him other than that his real name is Vishal Veeru Devgan. The actor married Kajol, another famous star who is often remembered for her iconic roles opposite Shah Rukh Khan. As for the new generations and the meme lords, Ajay Devgan is basically known for Vimal pan masala, and even this news has stirred up a lot in his private life. Bhuj:- The Pride Of India is going to be released soon and the teaser for the movie is already out. Mostly, we have seen actors like Akshay Kumar and John Abraham work in films related to nationalism and patriotic feeling, but many actors have done the same too.

    As for this film, the teaser has just been released and we have seen a massive outrage and feelings related to patriotism in this film. The film is basically patriotism wrapped in entertainment. It is generally felt among the entertainment industry that films like these are being done because of the atmosphere and the social feelings in the country. Anyways, moving on to the film, we noticed that the film is a setback in the perfect time for showing patriotism and is linked with the country where we show them our patriotism the most. Yes, you guessed it right. It’s Pakistan. The film is set back to when the war happened. It’s basically a typical Bollywood scenario where the scene is sketched as from 1971 where the Indo-Pak war is happening and he jumps in and saves the day.

    Bhuj The Pride of India Teaser

    The film was originally going to be released a bit late, but now it is going to be released on August 13. Of course, the movie isn’t going to be released in theatres yet, as per the pandemic situation which is happening currently in the country, and as certain films like Raadhe, this film is also going to be released on the popular streaming platform – Amazon Prime. After the major battle between Sacred Games from Netflix and Mirzapur from Amazon Prime, this movie is going to be another masterstroke from the shopping giant. The movie is said to break records as it contains many famous stars which you would hear about in the next section. Speaking of stars and the cast of the film, our protagonist is of course the man himself, Ajay Devgan. As for the female protagonist and the heroine of the film, the woman cast here for the film is also one of the megastars of this country.

    A woman who took a lot of criticism on her weight and yet came out as a megastar, and has acted in several other films such as Dabbang, is none other than the beautiful daughter of Shatrughan Sinha. She has defied all odds and from the trailer itself, she looks absolutely stunning and her acting is to the point. Speaking of acting, Sonakshi Sinha is said to be a very versatile actor when it comes to her roles, she can be seen as a simple village girl in Dabbang, an educated professional in Mission Mangal, a simple comical character of a girl from a very strong Punjabi family in Son Of Sardar and a girl struggling from mental illnesses in Akira. She has played each character as beautifully as she herself is and is said to rock in this film too. The chemistry between Mr Devgan and Miss. Sinha works great too as we have seen in Son Of Sardar.

    When it comes to the villain in the film, the villain should be as tough as the hero is. It doesn’t matter who is cast in the film opposite the hero which is going to win in a certain aspect anyway, but to make the film more pleasing to the audiences is when the antagonist should be someone who should fit very well with the aura of an evil being. Since the film is based on patriotic feelings, it should be someone that can express the feelings of Pakistani people and the way they carry themselves. Here the main aim of the film isn’t based on the war itself. It is difficult to say as to what the antagonist might be or would it actually be something where the villain isn’t a character but a thought or an idea. Or it even is a global cause. Here we have many other characters too that support the story.

    The most famous amongst them is our dear old Sanju Baba. Sanjay Dutt has been a terrific actor despite all the controversies about drugs and crime. When it came to Munna Bhai MBBS or other stories like that, we did see the true colour and acting skills behind the man. Whether it be a supporting role or as an antagonist, we have seen Sanjay with great acting whatsoever. Apart from junior Dutt, we also have Ammy Virk, Sharad Kelkar, and Pranitha Subhash in the supporting roles as to whether it would be as antagonists or protagonists, we would know the same in the trailer itself. We would also see Nora Fatehi in the film too and she would be someone that would be worth the wait. Whether it would be just for a song or an item number, it would be worth waiting for her role.

    Bhuj The Pride of India Cast

    As mentioned before, the film revolves around the Indo-Pak war and how a great young man stood up and saved the day. The film is based on a real-life event. The powerful dialogues in the film and the punchlines are said with so many emotions that you would just stand on your seat and shout ‘Jai Hind’. It’s really awe-inspiring. The story actually revolves around a major general who defended the base of an airfield named Bhuj (hence the name of the film) from the attacks coming from the other side. The real incident that happened was that Squadron Leader Vijay Karnik was on this base and the base was attacked with a total of 92 bombs and 22 rockets under Operation Chenghiz Khan from Pakistan. The story and the incident revolve around how the Squadron Leader managed to save the day with a few of his henchmen and with the help of 300 women from a local village who decided to give it all for the country and hold on until official help arrives from the Indian army.

    The feelings have been portrayed very well in the film too. Abhishek Dudhaiya who directed the film has been known for many serials which have ruled the box we keep at home years before. We have seen serials like Sindhur Tere Naam Ka, the classic Indian soap and Life Ka Recharge where we enjoyed the bits and pieces of comedy in the scenes.  After that, the man has been chosen to direct this patriotic film. We still don’t know why this has happened as to why Abhishek Dudhaiya, a man who is still unknown to many, has been chosen, but once we watch the full movie, we can deduce some conclusions. As for the production team, the producers include the company T-Series which is as famous as Delhi momos in India. After the death of his father Gulshan Kumar, Bhushan Kumar took over the reins and produced many famous movies and songs under the company.

    Bhuj The Pride of India Movie

    Having such a big company as the production house is certainly something that we can expect from a movie like Bhuj. Also, we should expect that the qualities of the edits, the green screen drama and the drone shots should be perfect as it is produced by one of the most wealthy production houses in the industry. Bhushan Kumar himself has stated in an interview that the company has expected a lot from the actors and the film. It is said to break records because of its patriotic nature. He has also stated that the main story behind the movie, the heroic act of the Squadron Leader Vijay Karnik should be remembered and should be told to everyone who is going to join the military. The patriotic feelings should be shared with everyone in this country so that we know what it means by giving sacrifices for the country and how we should be in times of need.

    The trailer links, the photos and everything about the movie were already released on Mr Devgan’s Twitter handle and the actor has tweeted many things about the film. The film is said to be released in mid-August and it is going to be a blockbuster, as stated by the actor, the producers and the cast themselves. Whether it would be a blockbuster or lacklustre is something that would be confirmed after we watch the film. The versatility of Ajay Devgan, the talent of Sonakshi Sinha and her band of women who would be leading the 300 women in the film, the aura of Sanjay Dutt, the presence of other casts and the sheer beauty of Nora fatehi in the film is what makes it a must on our list.

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