Bigg Boss OTT First Contestant Confirmed: See Pics Of The House

Bigg Boss is an Indian television reality show. It is the Indian version of Bigg Brother. Currently, the host of this show is Salman Khan. It has been hosted by other famous personalities like Shilpa Shetty Kundra, Sanjay Dutt, Farah Khan, and many others. The big boss is scripted for entertainment purposes only, they are making it seem real and after big boss everything will go back to normal. They select someone person to win and the others also get a fair amount. The concept of big boss is like an example of survival of the fittest so whoever is more aggressive and adaptive survives, it is kind of thrilling for people, that’s why apocalypse movies become hit. The format of the show is reality-based where famous personalities and at times common man get the same platform to show their skills. In this show, some people come together and compete with each other in any task. They are kept in one house which is completely cut off from the outer world.

Only Bigg Boss and the host of the show get to interact with them. At this time they are not given any news from the outside world. They are kept and evicted from the show depending on the audience voting. They are provided with many opportunities to save themselves from getting nominated through the task. Many twists and turns take place here to keep the audience entertained. Just a few weeks are left in the initiation of big boss OTT. A lot of speculation was going on regarding the show in the past few months. The big boss OTT will be hosted by the prominent filmmaker and producer Karan Johar. The announcement of Big Boss OTT has already created a lot of buzz and viewers get more excited after the decision of opting for Karan Johar as the host of the show.

Bigg Boss OTT Neha Bhasin

A lot of talks were going about the host of the Big Boss OTT and the audience was suggesting names of the host as per their view. Now the show is finally going to start, the excitement and hype are increasing as the day of a launch coming near. It has already been known that Big Boss OTT will be aired on Voot and viewers can keep an eye on the show 24*7 with live feeds. That means viewers will see live footage from the house of the big boss. A one-hour episode will also stream on Voot just like earlier seasons. Viewers will be required to have a Voot subscription to view Big Boss OTT. The show will run for about six weeks and all the one-hour episodes will be hosted by Karan Johar. Pictures related to the house of the big boss are roaming on the internet and getting viral. The pictures of the house are increasing the hype of the fans and viewers of the big boss.

Under construction pictures of the house as well as pictures of the inside of the house have been leaked and created a lot of anticipation and excitement among the fans. Now few more pictures have been leaked on the internet and excitement is toughing the roof. The new pictures are of the bedroom of the Big Boss OTT. The leaked pictures have rejuvenated the hype and enthusiasm of the fans and people are eagerly waiting for the initiation of the show. The newly leaked pictures of the bedroom of the contestants reveal show much about the new house of the big boss. The beds are looking colorful and vivid. The walls of the house of the big boss are enveloped in posters and quotations, one of which says “stay wild”, it is giving a kind of rustic vibe.

Bigg Boss OTT House

Rooms are looking ravishing and alluring owing to the wall prints and posters. Pictures of celestial objects are also posted on the wall, like the moon, sun, stars, and eclipses. The pictures of the house of the big boss leaked from the set of the Big Boss OTT. The house of the big boss has been built in Mumbai’s Film City. Although, fans are so much curious to know about the theme of the Big Boss OTT. A lot of speculation has also been going on about the theme of the upcoming show, it will be known in the first episode of the show. This show because of its high entertainment quotient has always gathered the highest TRP ratings. It is one of the most loved shows in the tv industry. A maximum number of people follow this show. The popularity of the show is as such that Hollywood actors have also been interested and some of them participated in it.

The diversity of choosing the participants has always been great. We are personally a great fan of this show and have been following it since the very beginning. After the announcement of the show, people started guessing the contestants and a lot of conversation and speculations were going on regarding the participants. A lot of rumours were also flying on the internet and haven’t proven to be genuine yet. Although, the makers of the Big Boss OTT have cleared some of the rumours and announced the first contestant of the show. The prominent playback singer of India, Neha Bhasin will be the first participant to enter the house of the Bog Boss. She is one of the most famous singers in the Bollywood industry. People used to say, it was just another reality show where contestants used to fight a lot.

Bigg Boss OTT House Photos

OTT platform gives an option of choice for the people to pass their time and select without any loss, unlike the big screen where after losing the ticket money, you come to know whether the movie matches your level of sensibilities or not. But however strong the OTT platform maybe, a big-screen experience is a different and beautiful experience that one cannot get on OTT. Nevertheless, the OTT platform saves much of your money and time. Ease of access and variety of programs make OTT platforms interesting for most people. Neha Bhasin is known for her song “Swag Se Swagat”, she had won millions of hearts with her song and made a huge fan base. The six-week drama of the Big Boss OTT will be conduct under the hosting of Karan Johar. The first live stream will start on August 8 and it will live stream on Voot.

Karan Johar is excited to meet all the contestants of the show. The filmmaker is working on his first debut as an anchor of one of the most-watched reality TV shows of India. In a statement, Karan Johar said “I’m looking forward to meeting all the contestants and making some lifelong memories with them. Believe it or not! This season, Bigg Boss OTT will have lots of drama and will surely be Over the Top. I can tell!”. After the end of the OTT show, the excitement will increase much more because the conventional version of the show will start. Big Boss season 15 will commence after the end of the Big Boss OTT and it will be hosted by one and only “Salman Khan”. India has a large population which contains a variety of people and a lot of them love this kind of drama (and our news channels are a shining example of it) that’s why it is popular, this is a simple answer but other factors are also there.

Bigg Boss OTT First Contestant

We are always interested in other’s life and especially the lifestyle of celebrities, that’s why celebrities have millions of followers so when some of these celebrities are showing their everyday life why won’t people watch it and it’s more attractive when these people argue on trivial things, this is the mental behaviour of human. Unknown facts about the reality show Big Boss There is a smoking area in the show but that is not shown to the viewers. During weekends when Salman Khan talks with the contestants, the dinner for the contestants is made by Salman Khan’s chef and sent to them. The lights of the house do not entirely turn off at night. The garden lights are on an entire night because that is when the show staff picks up the trash from the ground. There are many insects and flies in the Bigg Boss.

All the contestants do their miscellaneous activities like shaving, haircut, etc. on Saturday only. Bigg Boss contestants sign a contract before entering and the contract states that if they run out of the show then they have to pay a fine of Rs.5 crores. Shows like Big Boss is experimentation on human behaviour under hostile conditions, such as lack of family to support, lack of pure solitude, lack of people to be called true friends, and 24 hours surveillance, under supervision of a speaker. In reality, people misjudge other’s behaviour and consider them as their friends or foe, but the true feeling emerges during hard times, which is usually after years. However, in Bigg Boss, these results can be seen and judged in a matter of days.

Bigg Boss OTT House Images

People’s reactions towards different scenarios are based upon their experience in their life, either life inside Bigg Boss or outside world, which is visible from their way of talking, or from the judgment that project during different scenarios. Hence, from their perspective, everyone is right in their own eyes. However, due to continuous 24 hours surveillance, we, as a viewer can judge, who is right, and who is wrong. People usually commit a mistake while judging the intentions of people around them. Therefore, from Bigg Boss, one can interfere with one thing for sure, which is, there is a lot of difference between what a person thinks, and what he projects. We just need to watch it as a mode of refreshment and enjoyment, contemplating someone’s character based on a reality show is obscure.

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