“Boycott Kareena” Trends On Twitter After She Asked ₹12 Crore For “Sita” Role

    The Indian movie industry is going through ups and downs because of continuous and dramatic controversies. Indian cinema is also subdivided according to language. It is one of the biggest movies making industry in the world. The history of Indian cinema is older than a century. This movie industry has grown multifield and now its total business surpasses $180 billion. This industry feeds the stomach of 2.5 lakh people along with their families, these are the number of people who are currently employed in the Indian movie industry. A large number of people are getting bread and butter on their plates owing to the proliferation of the Indian cinematic industry. Every year hundreds and thousands of movies are made in a diverse span of language. Some of these create a great impact on the life of viewers while some are insensible and irrational.

    The actors and actresses who play the reel life of a character in a movie are becoming symbolism of worship. People tend to adapt to their lifestyle, their looks and even get obsessed with them. In reality, these actors are just opposite to the character they play in the movies. They also feel outcasted and went through uncertainties in life which eventually lands them in the limelight and controversies. Nowadays, even a simple thing goes on-trend on social media. Even a simple gossip starts trending on Twitter owing to our fiscal mentality. Currently, actress Kareena Kapoor is acknowledging a lot of attention from people on social media. A new trend is on the discourse nowadays which is against Kareena Kapoor, the trend is something like “Boycott Kareena Kapoor Khan” is circulating on social media platforms with different kinds of memes and posts.

    Boycott Kareena Twitter Trend

    The “boycott Kareena Kapoor khan” is trending on Twitter and people are mocking the actress with pictures and posts. Kareena Kapoor khan lands into controversy after her huge demand for money to work in a movie. The actress was demanding Rs 12 crore work in a movie. Reports claim that Kareena Kapoor Khan was in talks with the producers and directors of an upcoming movie in which she was meant to play the role of Sita. Kareena Kapoor demanded remuneration of twelve crore rupees to act as Sita (wife of Lord Rama in the Ramayana) in an upcoming movie based on Ramayana. The name of the movie is “Sita: The Incarnation”. Kareena Kapoor is destined to play the central character in the movie. The hefty demand for money by Kareena Kapoor lands her in diversified controversies and limelight. Social media users and netizens stated that the demand for the actress is ridiculous.

    Kareena Kapoor’s proposal of a fee of Rs 12 crore to play the role of “Sita” is kind of hurting and smashing the religious aspects of Hindu culture and tradition. Furthermore, people also alleged that the demand of the actress is totally against the sentiments of religious prosperity. Eventually, this leads to the trending of Kareena Kapoor on Twitter with the hashtag “Boycott Kareena Kapoor Khan”. Although there are claims that the demand of the actress mainly causing this controversy and boycott because Kareena Kapoor Khan conventionally demands six to eight crore rupees to work in a movie. But now she is seeking twelve crore rupees which is indigestible. The average demand of actresses lies between six to seven crore and a maximum of eight and now her sudden surge in demand is causing a lot of outrage among religious gurus and netizens.

    Boycott Kareena Hashtag

    Boycott is persuading on various aspects like religion and blasphemy and causing a long chain of outrage throughout the country. Furthermore, the surmountable demand for money by Kareena Kapoor to play the character of “Sita” is taking another round on the path of controversies. Many religious gurus and nationalists stated that the actress can’t play the role of Mata Sita because she is the wife of a Muslim person. Further, nationalists also said that Kareena Kapoor Khan is the mother of “Taimur Ali Khan”, how she can play the role of Hindu goddess while being a Muslim. A lot of talk and posts of the boycott are on the roam on social media platforms and in news channels. Many people who were a fan of the actress are now boycotting her owing to her irrational demand.

    Now the controversy and the boycott of the actress owing to her demands has reached another height, netizens are now condemning the husband of the actress Kareena Kapoor. Saif Ali Khan has also been dragged into the controversy after her wife. People are now scrutinizing and protesting against Saif Ali Khan because earlier he had played with the sentiments of Hindus by her blasphemous dialogues and acts in the web series “Tandav”. At the time of the release of the web series “Tandav”, Saif Ali Khan was also got surrounded by boycotts and protests on social media channels. Now it the turn of the wife Kareena Kapoor to witness huge outrage of fans and religious gurus. It seems that Kareena Kapoor Khan will have to part her way from the movie. Her character in the movie may also cause a lot of upsurges and protest in the future after the release of the movie.

    Kareena Kapoor For Sita Role

    Now on Twitter, the boycott of Kareena Kapoor Khan is ravaging and drawing a lot of attention. People are now posting funny and mockery images with #boycottkareenakapoorkhan on Twitter, Instagram as well as Facebook. The demand of the actress is seriously very high and she must give it a second thought. Although, the rage and upsurge of the people on social media are also irrelevant. No one has the right to condemn someone’s choice of religion or personal affair. We as a citizen don’t possess any right to voice against someone owing to her demands and remuneration. Let’s hope this controversy ends soon and Kareena Kapoor can take a sigh of relief. The “Sita- The Incarnation” is an upcoming movie which will be based on the life of Sita, who was the wife of Lord Rama.

    The story of the movie will primarily move around the central character of the movie “Sita”. According to the reports from Bollywood, it has been revealed that the role of Lord Rama will be played by a south actor “Mahesh Babu”. It has also been known that the character of the Ravana will be played by Hrithik Roshan. The movie will be made in the direction of Alaukik Desai’. Movies conceptualize the societal life of a human. We think of the movie Actros as some kind of superficial human being or a perfectly craved biotic living being who is on the top of intellectuality and knowledge. But we forget that they are just actors who are assigned to play fictional characters on screen. They also seek normalcy from the rapid life and want some space from the paparazzi. In, the meantime if these actors and actress perform some mistake mistakenly, we as a fan get outrageous and create a hype about it.

    Boycott Kareena Kapoor Trend

    In reality, a human does hundreds of mistakes on daily basis. Whatever Kareena did, it was her decision. It is her prior life to seek the amount for a role. But as a viewer, we idolize them and eventually get hypersensitive owing to their personal affairs. Subsiding your opinion on social media is good but bringing religion and personal fragments of someone’s life through social media posts and tweet is a lame move. We must think of them as human, just like us. Foremost, we shouldn’t seek their opinion on any crucial matter because they are just actors, not scientists, scholars, or laurates. Hope this controversy divulge soon and it doesn’t hurt anyone’s sentiments.

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