Resort Booked in Maldives For 150 Models From Russia, Brazil To Entertain Saudi Crown Prince

    Prince Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia has risen to power at the age of 34. In just one year, all the rice of the enemy has been overturned and he has been declared as the heir of the father. He first took on government responsibilities with the army and security services and set the direction for the progress of the oil-rich country.

    Saudi Crown Prince

    A recent text highlights the Saudi prince’s pomp and pageantry. Five years ago, in July 2015, the then Defense Minister of Saudi Arabia, the Crown Prince, organized a grand party in the Maldives. When he was 29 years old.

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    The Maldives Vela Resort was booked for the party for about 50 million a month. The Saudi prince was so skeptical of privacy that it was forbidden to take a mobile phone with a camera to the resort. Famous American rapper Pitbull and South Korean pop star Sai also came.

    According to media reports, celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Shakira were also expected to attend the party. Money was spent generously for this party. 150 people were the first to arrive at the model resort for this party. These models came from other countries including Russia, Brazil.

    They are first taken to the clinic to be tested for any sexually transmitted diseases. The models were supposed to spend a whole month with princes’s friends. Prince came with his huge 439 feet ship. This yacht was rented by Bill Gates just over a year ago.

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    During this time he also bought a house from Versailles for 300 million. Though plans to celebrate the festival soon came to a halt. News of the party was leaked in a publication in the Maldives. That’s why the party that was supposed to run for a month, ends in a week.

    One of the reasons for Prince Salman’s love of money is that his father had to go through a very difficult time in the early 2000’s. It was not at all conducive to the dignity of the Saudi monarchy. And this is why he developed himself as a businessman.

    As much as he has made a lot of money, he has also spent a lot of money. “I am not rich or poor when it comes to personal expenses,” he said in response to a media question. Prince Salman always has the drive to move forward. That is why we have the ability to decide the future of the next generation.

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