Call of Duty: Warzone New Map, Night Mode, Zombies Leak

It seems that night mode is coming to the Call of Duty: Warzone. There have been several reports of a night-mode in the old days but Infinity Ward seems to be again citing a data leak in the new Warzone release after listening to the recommendations by the player community’s questions and feedback.

The people will not know about the night mode in the game for the first time. In limited multiplayer modes, such as Azhir Cave and Hackney Yard, the game Modern Warfare was once available for a little bit with the night mode. While it was highly awaited in this competitive game mode, some players were confused by the improvements in core gameplay mechanics, such as night vision weapons and laser.

night mode

In order to find hints and the information which will be modified in the near future, some players decided to dig through the additional databases of the game. The files included indications for a unique Nightfall competitive mode, with players falling to Verdansk’s night time version shaded by the moon and reflectors on the map. When the leaked files are referenced again, it seems that night mode for solos, duos, trios, and quads will become available.

For some period of time, fans have been chattering about night mode in the Warzone game. The release of multiplayer mode maps made people believe there’s more to come, and some fans even made mock photos of night mode of Warzone. Players are eagerly waiting for the arrival of night mode, giving the epic Battle Royal a whole new experience.

war zone night fall

Of course, the suspense and excitement in night mode is met with numerous questions and viewpoints from the Warzone community. Members are raising questions already over such items as no glint optic for sniper rifles and how the night vision lenses as needed. While some people are concerned that the latest night mode will attract more campers, hence reducing the overall “battle royale” fun.  Some fans claim that the nighttime will cause more players to camp in certain places instead of driving across the world to locate contracts and rival teams. In general, the hype is very strong for night mode, with many players claiming that Infinity Ward does excellent work by introducing new game modes, including the next Warzone King Slayer mode.

While the actual release of Warzone night mode remains currently unknown, players will be able to see it appear in the very coming months based on recent information leaks. Until then a number of new features and gameplay modes, like “Games of Summer,” are present in Season 5 Reloaded Update. Players are even waiting eagerly for an official Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War announcement, which is said to be available as an event in the Warzone game.

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