‘Correct The Mistake’, China Protest Against Banning The App Like PUBG Mobile

China protest on the 3rd digital strike also.. The Chinese Commerce Ministry protested on Wednesday, the day after India banned 118 apps, including PUBG, in the 3rd round, saying the decision violated the legal rights of Chinese traders.

Gao Feng, a spokesman for the Chinese Ministry of Commerce, said the decision should be amended. However, like the previous two points, the informed quarters think that India will not listen to China’s request this time as well.

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Mr. Narendra Modi government banned 59 apps in India, including TikTok, on June 29 following an Indo-Chinese military clash in the Galwan Valley in eastern Ladakh. Shortly afterwards, another 49 apps were banned. In the 3rd phase, the central government on Wednesday banned 118 apps, including Tencent Holdings’ gaming app PUBG.

In addition to PUBG, the list also includes Ali-Pay, APUS Turbo Cleaner, Baidu, Cam Card, Super Clean, Photo Gallery and Album, Ludo All Star and many more. The government claims that all these apps are against the security, sovereignty and protection of personal information of net users.

Gao Feng said on Thursday that India’s move had undermined the legal rights of Chinese businessmen, investors and service providers. The Chinese Ministry of Commerce also wanted to point out that India had made a mistake by banning the app. Beijing has also asked India to rectify the mistake.

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The Xi Jinping government protested in almost the same language even after the first and second rounds of the app were banned. But New Delhi did not listen to it, on the contrary, it has banned 118 new apps.

The most popular PUBG in India as a download worldwide. India accounts for 24% of the world’s total downloads. Naturally, India’s decision has put a lot of pressure on the main Chinese companies for most of the apps, including PUBG. However, this could affect Chinese investment in India, according to many experts.

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