Chris Gayle Tested Covid19 Negative after Contact with Covid Positive Famous Athletic Usain Bolt

Chris Gayle tested negative Covid19 after contact with Olympian famous athletic Usain Bolt. It has been less than 30 days to start IPL. This news gives huge relief to Kings Xi Plunjub franchise.

Few days back Chris Gayle is part of Birthday party of Jamaican athletic Usain Bolt. The 34th birthday of the 6th time Olympic winner splinter is not good so far. This birthday party is becoming a hub of covid19 infection. After tested positive in Monday Usain Bolt isolated himself in his home. He confirmed this news by a video message on his own Twitter account “Good morning everybody I’m confirmed of Covid-19. I did a test on Saturday,” “[I’m] trying to be responsible so I’m going to stay in, and stay away from my friends. And also, I am having no symptoms, so I am going to quarantine myself.

“Just to be safe, I have quarantined myself, and just to take it easy. Be safe over there. Alright, cool.” Said Usain Bolt

However Chris Gayle now safe from spared corona virus spread. In the social media Chris Gayle announces his 1st Covid19 test result “Couple days ago. 1st Covid-19 test.. Before travel I need 2 negative tests,” Again recently Gayle declared his complete negative covid19 result on 2nd test “The last one went a bit too far in my nose. Phew. Result was negative.”

“I’m going to stay home for 2020… not gonna travel again… nah sah! Tan a mi yard!! Keep the change! Excuse me!.” scared Chris Gayle Said in a media page.

IPL Star Chris Gayle is the major pillar of Kings Xi Plunjub team. As soon as possible Gayle joins Kings Xi Plunjub in USA. Before start practice session in UAE this news will help to improve confidence and huge relief form unauthentic tension. Now Gayle is completely tension free and fully concentrated in IPL session 13. IPL 2020 will be star in Saturday, 19 Sep and running up to Sunday, 8 Nov, 2020.

According to sources there are two other players Manchester City’s Raheem Sterling and Bayer Leverkusen’s Leon Bailey who are also present on this party. Sores reviles that Social distancing was not maintained in this party.

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