Watch Christopher Nolan’s Movie Tenet Final Trailer With Stunning Visuals

The upcoming movie of Hollywood’s one of the greatest directors Christopher Nolan trailer is out. We are talking about thriller movie, Tenet. The third and final trailer of this movie indicates the characters and plot of the movie along with some stunning visuals and great action that has increased the eagerness of movie lovers all over the world.

The trailer shows John David Washington in the lead role who is working as a private agent of a company that focuses on preventing Armageddon. The trailer also indicates the movie is about playing with the time but not actually goes for time-travel. As of now, considering the trailer, the movie looks to have got an amazing look, sound and also the entire story.


Nothing to be surprised about, the 200 million dollars that Christopher Nolan and Emma Thomas has put in the movie are very well spent by the director, Christopher Nolan himself. Kenneth Branagh can be seen as a villain in the trailer who is playing the role of a cardboard Russian gangster which you might have seen in many of the spy movies earlier.

Tenet lovers are pretty impressed till now with all the trailers and the movie has got a rating of 7 out of 10 on the Rotten Tomatoes till now. Many viewers have started comparing it with the movie Inception which was launched back in 2010 as it has the same time inversion theory and directed by Christopher Nolan too. When asked about it to Nolan, he said that “This film (Tenet) is not a time-travel film, and this is what I can tell you as of now”.

tenet trailer

The story of Tenet tends to be complex enough for even the movie stars as many of them find it tough to understand. The lead actor John David Washington himself told the media that “I used to call Nolan every day to ask questions regarding the movie and the scenes I have to play the very next day”. The cast member Robert Pattinson claimed he had “no clue” what the movie was all about. Many of the film’s early critics have shared this confusion; one of the main criticisms being that the storyline being unclear and challenging to understand.

The Bollywood lovers are also waiting for the film since the Bollywood actress Dimple Kapadia is also making a cameo in the Tenet movie. Back in September 2019, Christopher Nolan along with Robert Pattinson and team members had shot many of the Tenet movie sequences in the Mumbai, India. According to the sources, this film has been shot in more than 7 countries around the world.

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