Clashes Between Indian and Chinese Armies Again in Ladakh on Saturday Night

Clashes between Indian and Chinese armies again in Ladakh, It is alleged that on Saturday night the Chinese army once again tried to infiltrate Indian territory in the Finger Area near Pangong Taso Lake.

The Indian Army jawans prevent them. After that, a scuffle broke out between the two sides. There have been reports of official, attempts by Indian troops to infiltrate and stop China. Talks have resumed between the two sides to calm the situation.

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A statement from the Indian military said that the Chinese military had taken “provocative steps” to change the situation in eastern Ladakh. This was blocked by the Indian Army. The military says surveillance and security are being stepped up in the area to prevent Chinese infiltration.

The Indian military said in a statement that “on the night of the 29th, Chinese forces took provocative steps in East Ladakh to change the situation by breaking the consensus reached the military and diplomatic levels”.

The statement further said, “Indian forces prevented the Chinese army from activating this activity in the south of Pangong Taso Lake. The Indian Army has strengthened its position in the area to prevent the movement of Chinese troops in order to unilaterally change the situation in the region.

The Indian Army is committed to restoring peace through dialogue, but at the same time is committed to maintaining the integrity of its territory”.

For the past four months, the Indian army has been fighting with Chinese forces in eastern Ladakh On June 15, 20 Indian soldiers were killed in a clash between the two forces after that, talks started between the two countries at the military and diplomatic levels to restore peace, but the tangle did not end.

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