Coronavirus Pandemic: ‘All For Masks’ Trump Said in Change of Tone

    In the United States, the virus has become inhumane. America is setting new records every day in terms of daily virus infections. The Trump administration has completely failed to stop the irresistible chariot of any virus.

    The director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Dr. Anthony Stephen Fauci said in his press statement last Wednesday that he would not be surprised if the daily virus infection in America exceeds 100K. The administration, meanwhile, has made it mandatory for everyone to wear mask to prevent early spread of the virus which was previously reported by the WHO (World Health Organization) and its preliminary guidelines for preventing any virus infection. Many people are reluctant to take this issue seriously even if they are infected with the virus. Even in America wearing mask is identified as a symptom of a sick patient and a symptom of a physically disabled disease. Even few days ago USA President Donald Trump also reluctance to wear mask. However, he did not get an accurate outline of the uncontrolled progression of the corona virus, now Trump started complain again for “Mask For All’. Last Wednesday, Donald Trump said in a statement that it is mandatory for American citizens to wear mask.

    In an interview with Fox Business last Wednesday, Trump said mask is for everyone. He posted a picture of himself wearing mask on his Twitter account and encouraged everyone to wear mask. He added that not wearing mask means putting others in danger, causing economic damage and committing anti-social crimes.

    Tests of many large organizations have shown that wearing mask greatly reduces the rate of infection. And if someone has been fishing all day, even at home, their chances of contracting the virus are very slim.

    Many researches have shown that wearing mask greatly reduces the rate of infection. One of the burning examples is East Asia., One of the countries in East Asia, such as the Hong-Kong, Philippines and Japan, has reduced its infection rate to zero in the last four months. Where developing countries like America, Russia, England and Brazil are still clashing. This is a unique achievement for all these countries. East Asian Countries have a long tradition of ware mask and about 90 to 99% of the people in all these countries use mask daily. This is one of the pillars of resistance to this infection. Those countries have started distributing free mask for all. And that is what American experts think should be done in USA as well.

    One study of University of Washington Computer model found that more than 33000 Americans could be saved if everyone ware mask in the last four month and reduce up to 230000 covid19 infections.

    The infection disease specialist of Hong Kong University, Dr: Kwok-Yung Yuen said that “Masking is a sign of responsible civility”.

    Not only ware mask but also social distance and hand washing should be given importance to prevent this corona virus attack.

    ‘Wearing mask in this highly pandemic situation may not be a personal choice. Now not wearing mask is a crime like drink and drive and endangering other’.

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