Covid-19: Community Transmission Has Not Yet Occurred in India; Health Minister

New Delhi: No matter how much corona infection jumps every day, covid-19 community transmission have not yet started in this country. Corona has reached the final stage in only 10 states, but they are limited to a few specific districts. Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan said.

harsh vardhan

Earlier this month, the Center said the highest number of coronaviruses were in three states – Maharashtra, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. The worst affected are 17 districts in those three states.

The health minister held a discussion meeting on social media yesterday. He said the situation in different parts of the country is different now. In 10 states, 77% of the country’s active corona is infected, but they are practically confined to a few districts, not all states.

Delhi’s Health Minister Satyendra Jain scoffed at the Centre’s claim that sectarian transmission had not yet begun in the country. Satyendra himself has suffered from corona, he said, adding that the number of corona infections in the country has increased drastically, we should accept that community transmission have started.

Community Transmission

We are still stuck in the technical term, only the best medical research institute in the country ICMR or the center can talk about it. After that, the Union Health Minister informed that the community transmission has not started in this country yet.

In the last few weeks, the number of new corona infections in the country has been increasing at a regular rate. Since the 10th of this month, more than 80,000 people have been infected every day. The total number of victims is more than one million, the death toll is about 90,000.

COVID re infection in India

Government data, however, says that the number of recoveries in the country is higher than the number of new infections, which is quite promising. But as the average infection continues to rise, the risk of a second corona attack cannot be ruled out, as the medical infrastructure in the big cities is not in very good condition.

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