Covid-19 Vaccine For 15-18 Year Olds & Boosters For 60+, Frontline Staff Announced

    A lot of people think that booster shots should be made available for those who wish to get the same but after a certain gap of having the second dose. New highly mutated variant just spur which may get spread across the population. At least 50+ should be given the pass… Why everything seems to be dragged till the last minute? We don’t have enough data? Then collect the same and come up with a report. On the other hand, the government has decided to prioritize frontline workers and people of age 60+ for the booster dose. Countries like Germany, the USA, France, Greece, Cambodia, Canada, Israel have granted booster doses for immunocompromised or older aged people in August or September.

    Instead of countries like the UK, Israel, and the US getting booster shots for all adults, would it not be more effective on a global level to give these doses to countries like Botswana, etc. where new variants have appeared because case rates are high and vaccination coverage low. Botswana is still waiting on doses ordered months ago. India has initiated the process of the covid-19 vaccine for people age 15 and above. Further PM Modi has also inferred the booster shot of the vaccine will also circulate for health care as well as front-line workers. The booster shot will be accessible to people who are above 60. Irrespective of Omicron, the doses for younger generations would be a good step. We presume that more focus should be on vaccinating the younger generation rather than having boosters.

    Covid-19 Vaccine For 15-18 Year Olds

    So many questions arise regarding 3rd dose (Precaution Dose). Because India is, unfortunately, an overloaded country and it has failed to cover 2nd dose and also even 1st dose to all eligible candidates. Then how 3rd dose known as Booster Shot is possible. Another Great matter of concern is about those who did not get even 1st and 2nd doses then how the country will prepare for the third dose of the vaccine. If the new variant is so different that our B cells might not recognize it then how come taking a booster shot that has been made for earlier variants to provide memory to B cells about something which it has never encountered. Booster only replenishes your antibodies so when a new variant enters your body, you have a high number of soldiers (antibodies) ready for war against the invader (virus).

    Recent studies show they neutralize omicron after the third shot (only about 25%, instead of 95% against delta). So yes but not perfectly, meaning that you need more to do the same. The decision to provide booster doses as well as a vaccine to the children of age 15 and above has been taken to fight the new variant of Covid-19. The variant which is being referred to as Omicron has shown surprising results in the research. It has been observed that the efficacy of the vaccine drops substantially in the case of the Omicron variant. PM Modi has propagated the outline to fight the upcoming variant and the vaccine will play a significant role in curbing the situation. While we cannot guarantee which vaccine is effective against the latest variant. Yet in many countries, it has been told we should get a booster, this vaccine, or that vaccine as soon as possible.

    Covid-19 Vaccine For 15-18 Year Olds & Boosters

    On the other hand, WHO director Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus has been receiving criticism since the initiation of the Coronavirus pandemic. He has been getting criticized for his unusual statements and not so influential steps to curb the pandemic. A lot of people are saying that He is sitting in the office while Covid funds and kits are being swindled by the so-called poor countries leadership, let him account for lost funds first before commenting on these issues by the way who should deliver the drugs it’s his office to stand in the gap. A lot of opposing statements are landing on the internet owing to the efficacy of the booster vaccine. As researchers are saying that the vaccine is hardly effective against the new variant. On the other hand, govt is implementing booster doses. Both viruses and bacteria have the same mechanism, both have some sort of treatment, both are extremely mutational and unstable.

    A lot of people are only familiar with how bacteria work not viruses. How new strains can arise due to being a willing host by being an unwilling member of society. So, judging the efficacy of the vaccine will be irrational. As far as the ethics of getting a booster while some haven’t had their first dose. There might have been an ethical dilemma when vaccine supply was low because it was being rolled out and we had to prioritize. Today, with people willingly insisting that they won’t get vaccinated and enough supply to vaccinate all Americans, it stopped being an ethical problem. An anti-vaxxer’s two doses can become a third dose for two more people, and by the time the anti-vaxxer decides to get vaccinated, it’ll likely be too late because they’ll most likely beg for it when they land at the hospital with Covid.

    Covid-19 Vaccine For Kids

    To sort out all the issues related to the efficacy of the booster dose, PM Modi has said while addressing the nation “For children who are between the ages of 15 years and 18 years, vaccinations will now start in the country. In 2022, it will be launched on January 3,”. We all have an experience that those who are Corona warriors, health care, and frontline workers, have a huge contribution in keeping the country safe in this fight. Therefore, from the point of view of precaution, the government has decided that a ‘precaution dose’ of vaccine will also be started for health care and frontline workers. Furthermore, Mr. Modi also stated that those people who are above 60 years and have comorbidities can seek advice from the doctors to take “Precaution Dose”. The statement of “Precaution Does” in Modi’s speech means Booster dose.

    Several countries have already started the booster dose and it has been observed that a lot of people in Germany have already taken the booster dose. There has been a discussion going on to mix the vaccines but the medical association hasn’t concluded. Whatever side effects may happen with Covishield, including blood clots, may happen only after the 1st dose. If nothing adverse happened after 1st dose, then nothing will happen after the booster dose either. The big question is whether it is better to mix and match. Early on, there was some discussion that it would be better to mix & match Covishield and Covaxin as each triggers a different immune response or type of response. The booster dose for the healthcare workers will be available from January 3. While for people of age above 60 years and those people who are suffering from chronic disease, their booster vaccination dose will start on January 10.

    Covid-19 Vaccine For 15-18 Year Olds & Boosters For 60+

    After a certain time i.e. 6 months or more, the number of antibodies is greatly reduced that were once triggered by vaccines. Therefore, booster doses are provided to reignite antibody production. Omicron is encompassed all over the world and it has been regarded as seventy times more transmissible than the Delta variant. Although, researchers are suggesting the omicron variant is less dangerous and most of them suffered patients are asymptomatic. As no one knows in advance whether their symptoms will be mild or severe being vaccinated helps to ensure a better outcome. In India the upcoming infection season could find people with protection that is not up to the task of fighting off the virus, and as long as the virus is active the chances of new mutations are still valid a successful variant will be worse for mankind than the earlier version, so topping up protection is a sensible option.

    The milder the infection the lower the effects of long COVID. This same principle is followed by our body, our immune system. Our body needs revision from time to time. A lot of other countries have also started booster shots of the vaccine, it has been initiated in Germany and a lot of people think that booster will not help them. It’s more important to give those doses to countries that need them. In Germany, we fear that the doses expire because there aren’t enough people that get vaccinated, while there are countries that didn’t even have the chance to give the first shot to a majority of their people.

    Covid-19 Vaccine For Kids & Boosters For 60+

    It is hard though because at the same time we wish that more people in our country would get vaccinated. So we can live a normal life again without fear and restrictions, but that also comes to the expense of other people’s health. As a citizen, we have frustratingly little control over what happens on a policy level. There needs to be way more focus on proper vaccine distribution and bringing it up every chance that can be gotten, including not wanting to get a booster because it feels super wrong is something that seems reasonable.

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