COVID-19 Vaccine For Kids Under 5: Vaccinations for 2 to 5 year olds can be obtained Soon

    Scientists have been saying from the beginning that there is no other way to prevent measles than complete vaccination against COVID-19 Pandemic. The whole world is moving one step further towards that goal. This is because the US vaccine maker “Pfizer” and the German vaccine company “BioNtech” have taken the initiative to COVID-19 Vaccine For Kids Under 5 on an emergency basis. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have requested that the two agencies submit applications, and the process has begun.

    COVID-19 Vaccine For Kids Under 5

    Source said that process will be completed in the next few days. The FDA’s vaccination advisory committee will then meet on February 15. That is where the final decision can be made. Pfizer and BioNtech have already been vaccinated in the United States for children under the age of five years.

    However, this is the first vaccination for children. According to BioNtech, more than one million children in the United States have been infected with corona since the onset of the epidemic. Of these, the number of children under the age of four is more than 1.6 million.

    The rate of hospitalization of children has also increased due to the outbreak of Omicron. As of January 22, 3.2 percent of the patients admitted to the hospital in COVID were under the age of four. In order to protect public health, there is an urgent need to vaccinate children. Therefore, if the vaccine is approved, it will be possible to protect children under the age of five and their possible future.

    Since the start of the epidemic, 11.4 million children in the United States have been infected with covid. Of these, only 35 lakh children were infected in January 2022. Of the total infected, 22.8 percent were reported to be children.

    In such a situation, several organizations have started making vaccines for children. Research is also underway on booster doses for children. Most companies favor booster doses eight weeks after the second vaccine.

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