COVID-19 Re-Infection, The Risk of A Second Wave of Infection is Increasing in India

India set a world record in one-day infections. As many as 90,802 people were infected with COVID in 24 hours, according to the health ministry on Monday morning. Not so many infections have occurred in America in a single day.

According to the World Meter, India is already in second place behind Brazil. India is now at the top of the world in terms of one day deaths. The death toll in 24 hours on Monday was 1,016. In this situation, the question arises, has the second wave of infection come to India?

The head of the AIIMS, Dr. Randeep Guleria feared a second wave in June. He again raised the question of the second wave in an interview with a private TV channel. Guleria said a second wave of corona has probably started in India. Because, the rate of infection is high in some places.

In May-June, reports of infections usually came from the big cities. Now the same picture towards the village. That is why the picture of infection is changing so fast. At the same time, the news of continuous re-infection is worrying the doctors.

COVID re infection in India

After West Bengal and Telangana, it has been reported that a woman has contracted corona in Bangalore. For the second time, his immunity also decreased a bit. Igg antibodies are expected to be produced in three weeks. In this case, the doctors are expressing doubts that it is not going well.

The 26-year-old woman was admitted to a private hospital in Bangalore in late July with coronary heart disease. After recovering, he fell ill again. This is the second time that two people from Telangana have been infected with corona. A day earlier, he was reported to have been attacked twice in Hong Kong. Then the excitement spread.

Later, coronavirus attacked the bodies of six people in West Bengal for the s

econd time. According to the Telangana health minister, once the corona was infected, two people fell victim to the corona within three months.

This is raising concerns. Experts say that antibodies provide protection for an average of three months or 90 days. For those whose immunity is already low, these 90 days are not working. So there is a risk of the infection coming back.

Meanwhile, Dr. Guleria says the new guidelines in the ICMR now allow corona testing. It can be understood by looking at the daily number of infections. However, the main mantra of corona prevention is testing, tracing, isolation. Protein-rich foods are important to stay healthy. It is also necessary to wash hands and maintain social distance.

Probable Cause of COVID-19 Re-Infection!

That being said, changes in the structure of the virus’s genes are a big factor. Disease prevention is very important in this case. Caution is required. The person with corona needs to keep in mind to use the same mask as before, wash their hands with soap and sanitizer as before, even if they go home after recovery.

Virologists at the University of Hong Kong say that after analyzing the gene structure of a sample taken from a young man who was infected for the second time, it was found that two separate viral strains had taken up residence in his body.

Jesse Goodman, the former head of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, echoed the sentiment, saying: “We knew there was a possibility of re-infection. But in that case the patient’s immune system can protect him from re-infection.

covid vaccine

However, if the immune system is weakened in any common infection, then the antidote will be a challenge to that infection. ”

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