Covid Vaccine Update: The Chances of a Pfizer Vaccine Coming to India are Very Less

    Britain has cleared a possible antidote to corona. If all goes well, vaccinations will begin in Britain next week. But the chances of Pfizer’s tick coming to India are very less. In order to get the Pfizer Covid vaccine clearance in India, success in the pilot application phase of the drug manufacturing company in this country is essential. Sources said Pfizer or its partner has not yet contacted the Indian government about the matter.

    Pfizer covid Vaccine

    So, if Pfizer wants to start the process by contacting an Indian company now, it is too late to get Pfizer vaccine in this country.

    According to the source, the Drug Controller General of India (DCGI) has the power to exempt the vaccine in India even if it is not tested by a pharmaceutical company in India.

    So far, all the vaccines that DCGI has cleared have passed the third phase of experimental application. The Indian government had a wide-ranging discussion with Pfizer last August. But since then no progress has been made, sources said.

    However, in the case of the corona antidote, India was focusing more on the vaccines of five organizations, including AstraZeneca and Oxford University.

    Corona Antidote is being developed in India in a joint venture at AstraZeneca-Oxford University, the Serum Institute. Just last week, AstraZeneca reported that the first of two doses of Covishield they made was 90 percent effective. The total effectiveness of the two doses is  70 percent.

    India is looking to Covishield for corona antidote. Because, it will be much cheaper and readily available. The Seram Institute will provide 100 million doses by next January and another 100 million doses by February.

    Last Sunday, Adar Punawala, CEO of Serum Institute, said that he would seek clearance from the Center for vaccination within the next three weeks.

    Developing countries are looking at AstraZeneca and India as the antidote to biotech. Because, the vaccine made by them will be much cheaper. In addition, the preservation of this antidote is also very convenient. As a result, it will not be difficult to deliver this antidote to remote areas of the country.

    Pfizer has already claimed that the antidote they make is more than 90 percent effective. Modern, however, claims that their antidote is 94.1 percent effective.

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