Daily Used to Drink Cow Urine to Stay Healthy: Akshay Kumar

He is one of the fitness icons of Bollywood. Proficient in martial arts. Karate has a black belt. However, Akshay Kumar has made another secret noise on social media.

Akshay said that he used to drink cow urine regularly to stay healthy. In an Instagram chat with Akshay about beer grills and Huma Qureshi, Akshay said that he used to drink cow urine every day. And since that video went viral, Bollywood players are facing controversy in the net world.

In ‘Into the Wild with Bear Grylls’, Akshay Kumar will be seen on a wild expedition with Grylls. A few days ago, the issue of drinking tea with elephant feces with Akshay came to light.

akshay kumar and bear grylls

Akshay Kumar had earlier said that he should drink a lot of Bitter melon juice and pumpkin juice to keep his body fit. But this is the first time he has reported drinking cow’s urine.

Akshay told Bear Grylls that he never had any difficulty in drinking cow urine because of his belief in Ayurveda.  And Netizen have been shocked by this.

In that context, the actor admitted to drinking cow urine this time in his Instagram chat. Huma Qureshi was shocked to hear such words from the actor. Some netizens did not stop mocking Akshay’s closeness to the BJP.

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