DC FanDome: Gotham Knights A New Video Game From Warner Bros. & DC Comics

At DC FanDome event, WB Games Montreal announced its all-new Batman video game named ‘Gotham Knights’. This game is still in development and it is being developed by the same developer who built Batman: Arkham Origins game of the Batman Arkham video game series.

A video message indicates that the Batcave has been demolished and a protocol identified as Code Black has been implemented. “Gotham requires more protectors than before,” he states, as his protective continue to practice to suit. An exciting combat hold highlights of each character’s battle styles. As shown in the trailer, all of the four heroes take thugs down in the Gotham City with a variety of bat-themed gadgets.

gotham night

Mr. Freeze who is a popular and well-known villain in the Batman series is also shown in the trailer. You will be able to see him doing some sort of “Court of Owls” which is still unknown what actually do. With their new title, WB Games Montreal has acknowledged fan expectations and made its first big release outside comics.

An open-world of Gotham will be available to explore by all players. The best thing here is that you will be able to patrol the entire city by using different types of traveling abilities, outstanding unique hero movement styles, and even by using the most popular Batcycle. Along with Batman, there will be four major heroes available in this game, Batgirl, Nightwing, Red Hood, and Robin. As you start clearing the missions and certain tasks, the ability of each hero will increase and new skills will eventually evolve on their own. Not only this but a whole arsenal of weapons and high-tech gadgets will be available in the game as you make progress.

Batgirl – A relentless warrior and professional intruder. She has been rejuvenated and practiced for several years she is able to take on her new task and use her melee tonfa, kickboxing, capoeira, and jiu-jitsu skills.

Nightwing –Nightwing became the first Robin and now he has become a character of his own. Despite being the oldest in the group, he has got fantastic skills of acrobatics which is further balanced by his skilled usage of the Escrima Sticks, which helps him to drive away opponents.

Red Hood – Red Hood is a powerful and violent antihero, once recognized as Jason Todd.  His experience has earned him a strong level of physical strength and expertise in a large variety of combat tactics, both classical and high-tech.

Robin – Robin is basically a young member of the Batman group and you might know him as Tim Drake. He is a devotee of Batman and was convinced to believe that Gotham city needs some protection, so he came ahead as her. He is an expert fighter and by using his skills he is determined to protect his city from evil. He also has previous records of having knowledge of social and behavioral strategies.

This game will be available to download in 2021 and will be available for the Xbox series, PS4, PS5, and PC devices. WB Games has also made a dedicated official website specifically for this game and you can visit it to find out the latest updates related to this game. The web address for that website is –

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