Do Not Panic With The Covid Antidote, WHO Warned

    On the one hand, there is competition in the country to bring the COVID antidote to the market. On the other hand, the process of relaxing the lockdown has also started in many places.

    However, depending on the current situation, in all countries where the number of active patients is increasing day by day, there may be a danger of an ‘unlocking’ phase, said Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, head of the World Health Organization (WHO) on Monday.

    They are also advised not to rush into the process of approving the antidote. In the words of Soumya Swaminathan, chief scientist of the institute, “The issue should not be taken lightly at all in the rush to get the vaccine approved on an urgent basis. The issue needs to be looked at seriously and in-depth”.

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    On Monday, the United States announced plans to approve a possible antidote on a “fast track” basis. The head of the US Food and Drug Administration said today that he was ready to change the current rules in the preventive approval process if officials felt the benefits outweighed the risks.

    On the other hand, the Russian vaccine has already been approved by their regulatory body in less than two months. However, before gathering complete information and statistics, Swaminathan questioned the safety of the vaccine.

    Mike Ryan, head of WHO’s ‘Emergency Program’ is in the same position. In his words, “Before the end of the trial, the market needs to be closely monitored. If there is a problem, it should be stopped immediately.

    Amid political tensions, the mass corona test began in Hong Kong on Tuesday. Many people were seen standing in rows at more than a hundred test centers. However, many have been heard to express fears that Hong Kong is conspiring to collect DNA.

    However, the Hong Kong administration has dismissed the allegations. Leader Carrie Lam has pleaded not to listen to the rumors and come forward to test more people. He rebuked the ‘critics’ for spreading such rumors about the administration’s initiative.

    Within a few hours of the launch of the official coronavirus app, 9 million people in Denmark have downloaded it! Authorities at the Finnish Institute of Health and Welfare said, the app called Coronavillakku, was launched to break the chain of transmission.

    If the app is on the mobile of two people standing nearby, a code will be sent to them automatically through Bluetooth. Through which it can be understood whether any of them came in contact with coronavirus or not.

    The doors to schools in China’s Wuhan province, known as the origin of the coronavirus, were reopened on Tuesday as there was no news of a new infection. After a long lockdown, at least 14 lakh students returned to school on this day.

    On Sunday, the last corona in the province recovered from the hospital. According to administration sources, he was attacked from outside. Schools have also opened in Britain and the Czech Republic. Reading has started in 40% of schools in Britain today.

    As a result, the administration is keeping a close eye on whether the rate of infection is increasing. However, due to the increase in infections, re-masks have been made mandatory in several places, including government offices and airports in Prague.

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