Donald Trump is Accused for Spreading False Information, Twitter Deleted the Post

Recently, a post by US President Donald Trump was reportedly deleted on Twitter due to misleading comments about the corona resistance of children.

The same thing happened again on Sunday. This time around, however, Trump is reported to have retweeted a tweet containing misinformation about the death toll in Corona in the United States.

Tweet from a person who believes in QAnon theory:

A theory called Qanon is very popular in the United States, according to which Donald Trump is fighting against a sexually abusive child trafficking ring.

According to the source, a Twitter handle named ‘Mail Q’, a believer in Qanon, quoted information from a Facebook post and said on Twitter that so far, according to the ‘secret’ calculations of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the actual death rate is only 6% of the total, which means 9000 people are actually dead.

The US President retweeted this tweet.

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Death has reached the doorsteps of 1 lakh 90 thousand

As of Tuesday, the death toll in the United States had risen to 1,87,736. However, according to different researchers, the actual number is even more horrible. In this situation, the political experts are shocked to see the US President himself providing such misinformation.

The fleet of yellow journalism is growing in Corona

According to various diplomatic experts and the world’s leading news correspondents, in Corona situation peoples are already terrified. The whole world is worried about when the antidote will come. And many are taking advantage of this opportunity.

Misinformation is spreading like wildfire due to yellow journalism, ordinary people are falling prey to fake news. Needless to say, the statesmen of the world’s most powerful countries are no exception.

More than 72 million affected in America

As of 3.20 pm Indian time on Tuesday, the number of victims in the United States had reached 62,12,174 and died 1,87,742 peoples. The hope is that 34,56,859 people have already returned home healthy. The number of active victims in the United States is currently 25,67,573.;

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